kpop (first and current) meme

I can't write fic these days, so here's a meme instead! Had a lot of fun with this one. Feel free to steal; it's not mine anyway.

1st kpop male bias:

Watched Super Junior-M's Super Girl, went WHO IS THAT CUTE GUY, and tumbled down the rabbit hole, basically.

Current kpop male bias:

"Cold city man" L (lmao) is great and all, but clingy koala bear Myungsoo is where it's at.

But these two are climbing up my list:


Jackson, baby, you really don't need to try so hard. Jaebum loves you and your ridiculousness anyway.

1st kpop female bias:

Oh, Fany. Your smile still does me in.

Current kpop female bias:

Bias above all biases. My roommates are probably mildly emotionally scarred after enduring all my spazzing...

Very 1st korean song you fell in love with:

I don't remember exactly. It was either this:

or this:

I blame my friend, who liked You're Beautiful and SHINee, for me getting into kpop. I became a lot more obsessed than she ever was, something that amuses her.

Current korean song you are in love with:

Just such a fantastic song - and choreography too. I love the dance practice.

1st kpop group you fell for:
Looking back, I'm really happy that Suju were my first group.

Current kpop group you're falling for:

I blame Im Jaebum and his stupidly attractive smile.

The thing that made you into kpop:

I mean "into" as in "obsessed with" here. These dumbs being dumb basically ruined my life. But it is a glorious ruination.


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Jessica is forever my bias too... well as you can see my username, I am sure you can sure you can guess it already... The three of them are totally my favorite though.
Jessica is my bias too..... I made my mom listen to Almost so much, she actually sings along now xD