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A/N: Soooooo I got this meme from tumblr and I posted on twitter saying "ask me as many as you want" and boxxsaltz said "tell me all the things go" and so here we are! (Why did I say that...)

Some questions are left blank because they have to be about a specific fic, so feel free to name one (or a couple). Also, all my answers are about soshi so please ask if you want to know about other fandoms.

1.    things that inspire you

Books and fics. Music. Personal experiences. Real life moments. Prompts. Discussions with others

2.    things that motivate you


3.    name three favorite writers

kijeok. darkaslay, dashelots

4.    name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

kijeok – totally changed my perception of Taeyeon and Tiffany, especially Tiffany. Her line about Tiffany “So much of her was on the surface that anything underneath became impossible to fathom” still leaves me shook to this day. Also Taeyeon’s “If she were to talk to them as much as she thinks about them, she would lose her voice.”

darkaslay – my soshi goddess. Introduced me to soshi fic (and spoiled me right from the get go), taught me a lot about the girls in terms of characterization and dynamics. I love both her canon verse and AU fics, the most notable of which is, of course, wiwfts. “But Tiffany’s touch was the incinerator to Jessica’s paper feelings and Jessica surrendered again.” Be strong, Jess, hang in there. “Tiffany kissed her, pulling the air from Jessica’s lungs and Jessica felt like a body without a skeleton.” Me too, Jess, me too. Please return my bones.

ynk – the way that she writes JeTi is amazing. It’s not about the fireworks and bursting passion, but slow-burning, deep, real. I just really, really love the way she writes JeTi. “Jessica placed her hand into Tiffany’s outstretched one with a feeling not unlike falling in love but more like remembering that she had always been in love with this girl.” Ahhhhh.

5.    how long have you been writing?

I think I technically started writing fanfiction when I was 13, but I like to forget those dark days. Then I picked up writing fic again when I was 16 (also dark days).

6.    how did writing change you?

Something happens, and I think “I should fic this.” Made some great friends. Became even more of a night owl than before.

7.    early influences on your writing

I don’t remember my early writing days, but probably other fics the most.

8.    what time are you most productive?

After 1am, or right before an assignment/quiz/test/exam, the more important the more inspirational

9.    do you set yourself deadlines?

I gave up on that a long time ago.

10.    how do you do your research?

Google and Wikipedia

11.    do you listen to music when writing?

Yes, but I listen to music when doing anything from walking to reading

12.    favorite place to write

My room

13.    hardest character to write

Tiffany, but tbh anyone outside of TaeNySic as a main character

14.    easiest character to write

Jessica or Taeyeon

15.    hardest verse to write

Anything that requires a lot of world-building or very plotty elements like fantasy AU, secret agent AU, etc.

16.    easiest verse to write

Canon verse

17.    favorite AU to write

University AU (with coffee shop AU as a runner up)

18.    favorite pairing to write

JeTi! <3

19.    favorite fandom to write


20.    favorite character to write

Jessica, with Taeyeon as a close runner up

21.    least favorite character to write

I don’t have a least favourite, just a most difficult, so see the second part of question 13

22.    favorite story you’ve ever written

It’s not just one story but probably my Where the Heart Is verse. Or Stars in Your Eyes

23.    least favorite story you’ve ever written

Probably something that I deleted long ago lmao. Time Machine, maybe. (If your response is, I don’t know what that is, good!)

24.    favorite scene you’ve ever written

I don’t have an absolute favourite, but I’m really fond of the scene in Where the Heart Is where Jessica and Tiffany talk in Tiffany’s apartment, starting from where Tiffany asks, “What makes a place a home?” I also like chapter 30 of Stars in Your Eyes.

25.    favorite line you’ve ever written

Again, I don’t have an absolute favourite. Here’s a line I like for each of my two ships:

JeTi: Stephanie smiles then, and it’s her real smile, not the one that Tiffany bestows upon all and sundry but that Stephanie gifts to Jessica and Jessica alone.

TaengSic: Jessica turns motionless as well, the two of them staring at each other like statues forever meant to look, not touch.

26.    story you’re most proud of

Stars in Your Eyes

27.    best review you ever got

I’ve gotten some amazing ones so it’s hard to choose. All of moonsuns’ comments on What If make me feel unworthy. Also, I have to mention ellyvated’s comment because of the line “Not that I don't totally enjoy having writers take my faves and smash their feelings into the floor only to roll over them repeatedly with their ergonomic desk chairs…” for sheer comedic gold.

28.    worst review you ever got

(on a oneshot) “you should make this an ongoing, you don't have to update every day, just every other day would be fine”

29.    favorite story/poem of another author

Favourite story: Endless Season by kijeok.
Favourite poem: Photograph by Andrea Gibson

30.    hardest part of writing

Plot. And, sometimes, titling a fic

31.    easiest part of writing


32.    alternate title for (insert story title)


33.    alternate ending for (insert story title)


34.    alternate pairing for (insert story title)


35.    single story or multi-part story?


36.    oneshot or multi-chaptered story?


37.    canon or AU?


38.    do you reread your own stories?

Yes. I often have to reread them when continuing to write my ongoings because I’d forgotten what happened lmao

39.    do you want to be published some day?


40.    which one of your stories would you most like to see as a movie/series

Because It’s You. The Where the Heart Is verse would be great too

41.    one song that captures (insert story title)

I’d just like to say that Time Spent Walking Through Memories could capture almost every TaengSic fic out there

42.    do you plan or do you write whatever comes to your mind?

What does “plan” mean

43.    would you ever write a sequel for (insert fic title here)


44.    do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?

I rarely write in a linear fashion unless it’s a short oneshot

45.    share the synopsis of a story you’re working on that you haven’t published yet

JeTi: Tiffany goes to a Hollywood audition only to encounter someone unexpected

TaengSic: Jessica and Taeyeon from trainees to debut

46.    share a scene of a story that you haven’t published yet

JeTi (same fic described above):

“We’ve got to stop running into each other,” Tiffany jokes.

Jessica shrugs. “I guess Hollywood is only so big.”

“I guess,” Tiffany echoes with a thick tongue. “Are you…auditioning too?”

“No, I’ve changed careers to being a production assistant,” Jessica says, raising the cup of coffee in her hand. Tiffany stares at her, unsure how to reply, and Jessica cracks a smile. “Yes, I’m here for an audition.”

“Oh well, good luck?” It comes out as a question, even though she means it.

“Thanks,” Jessica says crisply, and makes to walk past her.

Tiffany can suddenly see their future encounters flash by like a reel, consisting of nothing more than polite greetings and careful pleasantries. And she realizes that nobody is going to click a clapboard, nobody is going to yell “take two!”, nobody is going to rewind the scene. Everything is in her hands, and if she wants the future to play out differently she has to take charge of it herself.

TaengSic (same fic described above):

Taeyeon asks her for help on dancing, and it’s surprising enough that Jessica just stares at her for a moment before she finds a reply.

“You’re asking me for dancing help?” Jessica points to herself. “Me?”

“Yes, unless there’s another spirit living in your body.”

“But why would you ask me? You should ask Hyoyeon, or Yuri, or—”

Taeyeon keeps her eyes on Jessica’s, steady and unwavering. “I’m asking you because I want your help. Are you turning me down?”

“No,” Jessica says. “How could I turn you down?”

Taeyeon clears . “All right then, are you free now?”

“Now? As in, right now?”

“No, as in tomorrow now. Yes, as in right now.” Taeyeon looks exasperated but also something else. Fond, maybe. “Do you have time?”

“For you, always,” Jessica says, and the look in Taeyeon’s eyes makes her heart do a waltz.

47.    how many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?

Like…four. Or five. Or six. Or—let’s stop at six.

48.    three spoilers for (insert story title)

For any story:
1) There’s probably going to be a happy ending
2) …or is there?
3) Haha jk like this story is ever going to be finished

49.    writing advice

Write. Read. Rinse and repeat.

50.    open question to the writer



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Not that I want to sound like Taengsic trash or anything...but man, did I ever hone in on “Taengsic from trainees to debut” :’D