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the basics.

name » Natalie Park HyeIn

nickname(s) »

Hey/Hye - Shorter version of her name, her classmates call her this, leaving out the 'In'

Fashionista - She loves shopping for clothes and accesories that are super stylish

Sweet Girl - She always has sweets with her

birthplace & birthday » Danville, California, United States & November 22, 1992

hometown » Gyeonggi, South Korea

ethnicity » American-Korean

WEIGHT >> 174 cm

HEIGHT  >> 48 kg

language » Korean (Fluent), English (Native), Japanese (Conversational), Chinese (Basic)

face claim » Do Hwe Ji

backup face claim » Ann


appearance »


HyeIn has large doe eyes with dark brown orbs. She doesn't eat a lot and exercises often eversince she was little so her body figure is slim. Her natural hair color is black but she dyed it a lighter hue for her acting career. She has easily chapped lips which she hates as she sometimes tears the skin away (which is very bad). She wears reading glasses.


style » HyeIn loves wearing comfortable, loose sweaters when she's at home. But when she goes out, she dresses to impress. She has tons of different clothing in her closet. Her outfits depend on the season, and she loves spring dresses with jackets. During hot days, she wears dark clothing. She always wears hair accesories, she has a collection in her room. Hair accesories are her trademark.


CASUAL. 1 2 3 4 5
DORM & PRACTICE. 1 2 3 4 5 6
AIRPORT. 1 2 3 4 5 6
FORMAL. 1 2 3 4 5 6
SUMMER & SPRING. 1 2 3 4 5 6
WINTER & AUTUMN. 1 2 3 4 5 6

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determinaton and hard work."


"Look at me now, look at what you see, I'm a beautiful lady. Please love me. All day, all night, tell me I'm yours."


the girl next door.

plotline » The Feisty Diva

personality » HyeIn is an introvert. She prefers doing things by herself or just wander off. She does spend time with friends though, it's just she likes those 'by my self' times. Even so, she's confident in what she does and never backs down from a challenge. She is a quick learner, making it easier for her to get things done. She's quick at taking in informations, solving problems and learning dance moves. She sticks up for herself and hates seeing people who are being bullied. HyeIn doesn't really speak the truth sometimes, she often says things sarcastically. She uses sarcasm a lot when she's trying to hide her feelings.  She's actually short-tempered, and when she's mad, her words may slap you in the face. She doesn't hit you physically rather she'll hit you with her words that sting so bad, you'll wish you could rewind back time and not make her mad. HyeIn is observant, something she picked up from watching tons of detective films and reading detective books. She's well-observant (as mentioned), she would know if you're lying or even sick. HyeIn wouldn't lend you a helping hand in public, making people think she only cares about herself, but she would help you in private. She cares about others and would always be there to lend a helping hand.

Yet, what you see is not always true. Like any other, she has insecurities but she always mask it with a smile. She never lets you see her weakness. HyeIn is easily affected by insults, but she would not show it. Instead she masks it off with a smile but she's screaming at herself inside, believing the words of the insulters. She's really secretive and would never tell others her problems. Sometimes, if she can't handle the pain, she would go around throwing objects. She kepts all her pain in a box and once it's full, it explodes. She would never tell you if she's sick, because others are her top priority. No matter how sick she is, she would always strive through, that's the beautiful thing about her. The bad thing is that when she's too sick, she would faint or just lose her energy, people think that she's an attention seeker, thinking that that's the reason she never tells anyone if she's sick or not and her sickness would be exposed at the very last minute. She sometimes shops to release her stress and often buys things for her friends.


HyeIn is well-mannered. She is poised and can put on a polite smile for anyone (unless she hates you or you pissed her off). However she doesn't concentrate and would rather daydream if she finds the topic uninteresting or she's about to fall asleep. She would stare off into space with an obvious blank expression. It's easy to tell if she's not listening to you. The thing about HyeIn is that she's often misunderstood by the public, she may seem like a selfish, spoiled princess, but she's actually a good person who has a caring heart.

trivias » 



- Yellow

- Hair Accesories; "my hair needs some bling too!"

- Shopping; "Did you know that shopping can reduce stress?"

- Acting and dancing

- Detective Conan; her favorite anime and manga, all the couples in the story are her ideal couples
- Hot Chocolate; who wouldn't like a warm cup of hot chocolate
- Tea; always start your day with a hot cup of tea, with four teaspoons of sugar please!

- Fall; the leaves are yellow and the weather is perfect
- Animes & mangas

- Mathematics; "they just think I'm crazy for loving it"
- Ballad, especially sad ones; they help her ease the pain of unrequired love.
- Biscuits and sweets; "my favorite snack!"
- Movies; "who wouldn't love to sit back and watch some movies with a bowl full of buttered popcorn?"



- Smokers; "smoking is bad for you and we, passive smokers, are in danger of breathing in your smokes *rants about the dangers of smoking*"
- Insects; get them away from me!!
- Breaking down; don't let them see you fall, it'll only satisfy them more
- Sasaeng Fans; they know everything *runs and hides*
- Alcohol: did you know that digesting too much alcohol damages your liver?
- old men, the ones who are drunk and are always in the alleyways waiting to pounce on a lost girl; she never wants to walk alone at night, I think she watches too many movies

- Blow dryers; they tickle her, she would never sit still when stylist blow dry her hair. Her back would always tingle whenever someone blow drys her hair.



- Crossing her legs when sitting down and sit with her back straight, like a princess.

- Rubbing her nose when she's concentrating, it's a natural instinct to do so
- Playing with her hair when she's nervous, it's either pushing her bangs back or twirling her hair around her finger.

- When she's motioning for someone to come to her, she slowly closes her fingers into a fist (from the pinky to the forefinger). They close one by one in a spiral direction. (Not sure if I explained this correctly).

- Shopping when she's upset or bored. She would buy a lot of things, but always looks at the price and notes down what she buys in a notebook.



- Gymnastics and exercising (mostly jogging)
- Reading
- Solving puzzles and maths equations
- Listening to music while staring out the window
- Watching movies and gamers on Youtubers (her favorite is Ihascupquake)
- Replying to those who mentioned or tagged her on her SNS, usually instagram

- Shopping for clothes and hair accesories



- She updates her instagram (@HeyNat_22) and twitter (@_ParkHyeIn) often. Her instagram account is full of pretty sceneries and schedule updates (like recording or filming).

- She is currently attending Seoul National University College of Education, taking a course in Mathematics.

- She is an American actress. She debuted in 2007, nailing the part of Harper Tinkle from 'Wizards of Waverly Place'. (She was known as Natalie Park)

- The list of films she's been in: 'Wizards of Waverly Place' as Harper Tinkle, 'Another Cinderella Story' as Mary Santiago, 'Lemonade Mouth' as Mohini "Mo" Banjaree and 'Cyberbullying' as Samantha Caldone.

- She doesn't know how to cook Korean dishes, only dishes from abroad.

- She has this weird obession with anything yellow, she would yell out 'It's yellow' or 'It's a yellow (insert object)'. Her friends said that to catch HyeIn's attention is to wear or own anything yellow.

- She enjoys solving puzzles and mysteries. She can solve them quickly.

- Her favorite anime is 'Detective Conan' as it was about solving cases and her favorite tv show is 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'.

- Most of the books she read are mystery books or detective books.

- She wakes up in the middle of the night (like 1am-4am) and falls back asleep only to wake up again the next hour and fall back asleep.

- She wants to learn self defense like Karate or Aikido or can whack a person with a mop (heavily influenced by the ladies in Detective Conan)

- She would hide the fact that she's sick or feeling unwell until others point it out
Every morning, to start her day, she drinks a steaming hot cup of her favourite tea (lemon flavored) without fail
- She's not a big fan of sushi and pork, she can eat them but doesn't enjoy them much
- HyeIn is really flexible and sporty

- Her favorite color is yellow

- Her ideal type is someone who can deal with her craziness, who knows when she's upset or bothered without her telling him, someone who would kiss her forehead when she's upset, someone who would stay by her side forever.

- Her stage name is HyeIn, she uses her English name only when acting in English movies.

- She appeared as the lead actress in the webdrama 'Milky Love' (as Mari) (2014)

- Her first kiss was with her boyfriend (in 2009).

- She would always have sweets with her


Singing Twin: Soloist Juniel  Nicole Jung

Rapping Twin: SISTAR Bora KARA Gyuri

Dancing Twin: SISTAR Bora Ferlyn G (Formerly SKarf Ferlyn)

Talking Twin: Nicole Jung


home is where your heart is.

background » HyeIn's family moved to Danville, California, United States, her mother's birthplace so that her father could continue his music career and her mother could continue her acting career. Thus HyeIn was born in Danville. She grew up there until she was eighteen (before November 22, 2011). HyeIn, who would always watch her mother's acting practises, picked up her skills and learned acting. During her school days, she joined the drama club and usually gets the lead or second big role. Her mother helped her nail the role of Harper Tinkle in 'Wizards of Waverly Place'. The show became a hit. She was offered many job request. She finally realized her passion for dancing when she filmed 'Another Cinderella Story' (She also sang some songs for the movie).


HyeIn was always interested in music, partially from her father, and she was a fan of Kpop. Her favorite group is SNSD and BoA. She told her parents about her passion for dancing, her father heard her singing as well. Her father didn't want her to be a singer or dancer in Cali because he wanted his daughter to not forget her Korean roots. Her father was a fan of Kpop too and wanted his daughter to be a Kpop artist. So he urged HyeIn to audition in an entertainment company in Korea. In 2010, she auditioned at SM Entertainment after improving her dancing and singing, where the people who got her interested in Kpop are, and managed to snag the trainee ticket (a huge advantaged was her popularity in the US as an actress and her dancing portrayed in 'Another Cinderella Story'). Because of this, her family moved back to Korea.


Being a trainee at SM Entertainment was hard for HyeIn at first since she was used to everyone speaking in English and she was not confident in her Korean even though her father taught her the language eversince she was little. She perfected her Korean during her trainee years. Because of her not mastering the Korean language, she focused more on dancing. After perfecting her Korean, which didn't took a long time since she was a fast-leaner, she started vocal lessons and rapping. A lot of her instructors said that she suits rapping more than singing. She trained at SM Entertainment for almost 5 years. She was still an American actress during her trainee years and often flew in and out of Seoul to film.


Even though she was busy, HyeIn continued her studies and managed to obtain a scholarship to Harvard in mid 2011. She had to turn down the scholarship in order to continue her training and instead went to Seoul National University College of Eduaction, taking a course in Mathematics. She is suppose to graduate in mid-2015.


family » HyeIn's father is Park Hyunseung, a famous music composer in US and Korea. He is 51 years old and used to be a dancer in his young days. He is really supportive of HyeIn's passion for music and taught her how to compose and to be better in a particular section (singing, dancing, composing, something related to music and performing). Nicole Warren (OC) is HyeIn's mother who is a famous actress in the US. She was the reason behind HyeIn's rising fame in the acting career. She's funny, professional and a perfect mother figure to HyeIn. She is 48 years old. HyeIn has an older brother, Nathan Park Inhaeng. He's a born prankster and brainiac. He plays tons of pranks of HyeIn when they were little but they never once had a big fight. Inhaeng cares for his sister, he just doesn't like showing his love to her (it makes him look unmanly if he babies his sister). He's two years older than her (25 years old).


friends/rivals » Her childhood friend is U-Kiss Kevin, who teases her non-stop when they're together. He fits her ideal type perfectly, because he is her ideal type. He can read her like an open book. HyeIn is close with a lot of actors and actresses. One of them, who she keeps close contact with, is Selena Gomez. The two met when both auditioned for 'Wizards of Waverly Place' where both played the roles of best friends. From there, the two became close friends and kept in touch a lot. Selena is very cheerful and funny, she can brighten up a room with just her jokes. She's passionate about her career and loves her fans entirely. HyeIn was quite popular during her trainee years. She befriended a few idols and trainees there. One of them was Kim HeeChul, member of boyband Super Junior. He is a bit of a diva, a joker and quite the adviser. He would always spare a moment to complain to HyeIn about something, be it her outfit, his busy schedule etc. He's quite sarcastic with her but HyeIn knows that he doesn't really mean any insult he told her. Due to HyeIn's love for shopping, she knew a lot of salespersons and store managers. Her favorite was JaeIn Park, the manager of one of HyeIn's favorite accesories shop. She would always tell HyeIn if a new collection arrived. HyeIn would sometimes come over and chat with JaeIn whenever she has the time.


the one and only.

love interest » Kevin Woo (U-Kiss)

backup love interest » Nam Woohyun (Infinite)


personality » Kevin is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's kind and caring and always takes care of those he loves. He likes to tease HyeIn whenever they're together. Kevin may look weak but he's not. He's the definition of 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. He's very cheerful and knows how to brighten up the situation. When you're with him, you will always have a smile on you face.


love story » Kevin and HyeIn are childhood friends who grew up together in Danville. HyeIn, who spent most of her time with him, gradually started falling for him. She was sad when he had to move back to Korea in 2006. She managed to give him a kiss and confess her love to him. Unfortunately he only saw her as his little sister.


"Kevin, I need to ask you something." HyeIn confessed, grabbing his arm. They were at their usual hangout, a park near their house. Kevin smiled, "What is it?"

"What do you think of me?" she asked.

Kevin ruffled her hair. "You're my best friend, I wish you were my sister though so that we could play more."

HyeIn pouted but suddenly stood up. She stood on her tippy toes and placed an unexpected kiss on his cheek. "I like you, so please look at me more than that."

Kevin was shocked at the sudden confession. He smiled sadly, "I'm sorry but I don't feel the same way. I like someone else."

Rejection, that's what flashed through her head. She felt tears brim her eyes but blinked them away. She smiled, trying to mask away the pain. She punched his shoulder, "Silly. Why are you so serious?" she laughed. "I better go, mother says I have to be home early." Without waiting for his reply, she left.


Kevin was her first love. She saw him confess to the girl he liked. She still stuck to him as his best friend though and supported his music career. She tried to move on but every guy she met reminds her of Kevin. She did have a boyfriend though but in the end he left her because she wasn't showing him love. HyeIn realized then that she still loved Kevin. When she moved to Korea, she searched for him. The two met and repaired the friendship they lost, chatting everyday either face-to-face or throught SMS. HyeIn kept giving him hints that she still liked him. The two got even closer after filming 'Milky Love' together. Kevin, during the filming, saw a different side of HyeIn, a side that attracted him to her. He started treating her differently, still questioning his feelings for her (are they sisterly/best friend feelings or something even more).


last words.

comments/suggestions » I hope you like HyeIn and that her talent twins fit her. I know 'The Feisty Diva' is the tallest member so hopefully her height is suitable.// Suggestions: Maybe have the girls be nervous for their debut, knowing that their senior group 'Red Velvet' received a lot of criticism during their debut. Maybe have Red Velvet and A+ interacting together and the groups discuss about the life of being an idol.

scene requests »

- A+ on After School Club (MCs Eric, Jimin and Kevin), and during one hangout with a fan, the fan asked HyeIn (the group's counselor) how to deal with the pain of unrequired love (the fan's love story is like HyeIn's and Kevin's, childhood friends but he only looks at her as a little sister) to which HyeIn replies that she honestly doesn't know because she too went through that situation and is still heartbroken by it.

- Kevin supporting A+ debut, coming to watch their debut performance.

- The girls watch one of HyeIn's movies or tv shows.

- HyeIn's brother sends a prank present to HyeIn but another member opened it instead.

password » A-Star or Star; A+ is also considered an A* in our school, so why not.


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