The Heat


People who aren't so... normal are always thrown to the side, outcasted and ostracised. Just because they don't act a certain manner, society avoids them like they're infectious. It wasn't their choice to be born like this. It wasn't their choice to be genetically different, physically different, or even temperamentally different. 

This is a story of Kai who has never once gotten recognition or affection from his peers. He is the Lone Wolf, as people call him. 'Lone' because he is never seen with anyone else. And 'Wolf'... because this boy has anger issues that doesn't make him any different from an animal. 


If you've read The Little Bumblebee by me, this story will be similar to it. However, TLB was very fluffy and innocent, whereas this will be more coarse in terms of language. There will not be any rated scenes, so I won't be categorising this story under 'Rated M'.






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Chapter 13: Can I just adopt this Nini. *sobs*
This is definitely one of my favorite Kai story ever! It's just so good, and has great character development. Aw, just soooooo good. I've read it twice now and am only just commenting because I keep forgetting to say how much I love this story.
Venandi #3
Chapter 13: Oh my this is really cuteee I wish I have a rrlationship like them ><
Chapter 4: And yet his character in 'Andante' says he 'He tolerates injustice and runs away' (teaser 1) lmao. arghh! Wonder how he could pull off his acting when it comes to this character of his you wrote <3 i guess he'll be too charming! Like a really, deadly deadly, fatal charming one.... >_< just imagining it @[email protected] (aw. hope the kbs pdnim for Andante knew this ff before the script now(tho i dont mind cause the teasers are damn promising)).

Love how OC is so calm, welcoming but realistic altogether. we need this kind of female lead more in dramas(then atleast most production cost wont go to waste (but who am i to judge hahaha)) Thanks for this story authornim! <3
Chapter 13: awwwwwwwww oh my god this was... sooooo cute *-* <3 I wasn't ready to finish it ohhh >< I want more!!! I loved it!! :D :D
Chapter 13: Re-read this again, already lost count how many time i keep reading this ff again and again, its so amazing, give me so much emotion, and especially its kai's i feel its very special eeehuehwh
I'm reading this again for the nth time and I still making weird noise from all the fluff that's happening between OC and JongIn..
Damn woman,, how dare you make me this sappy... ???
Chapter 4: "a replica of the 60's retro American diner that has neon lights and checkered floor tiles" AW YISS STEAK 'N' SHAKE MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME. I LOVE YOU, AUTHOR.
Chapter 13: sstory is the best. it was fluffy and cute and i really enjoy seeing jongin's progress on every chap. you didnt rush things and take slow to tell his character..i love itt
Congratulations on getting featured!