Shadows of the Dark

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Characters junseung, beast, b2st, block b, ubomb, zikyung, taepyo, dooseob, kiwoon, yongchan, dgna, sumin
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Title: Shadows of the Dark

Author: jhhs-1505 / criesofmelancholy / yjhsxjuran


Summary: When the light shines, pure darkness turns into shadows.

A/N: So…yeah! This is my new fic! :D if you read the summary and then about junseung’s personality, you will know why the summary is written that way. XD


Thank you aini95 for main image! :D

and thank you trangnt for the background image! :D




  • A cold and dark person.
  • Doesn’t smile or say anything when he is in school.
  • A dark past where no one in school knows except for one person, Yoon Doojoon.
  • Even so, the girls and numerous guys are attracted to him.
  • Unapproachable, yet his looks and doe eyes are too pretty to deny.
  • Some tried to approach him, but was scared away by his soul piercing stares.



  • Hyunseung’s seatmate.
  • Wishing that Junhyung’s cheerful character would light him up, but it doesn’t seem to work.
  • A cheerful, helpful and happy-go-lucky high school student who loves having fun.
  • A complete opposite of Hyunseung, sociable and the joker of the class.
  • Never fails to lighten the mood of the class.
  • He will greet Hyunseung every day without fail, be it just a hello or a bye, even when Hyunseung ignores him all the time.



  • School council’s student president.
  • An outer smiling mask where no one can imagine the motives he has in his mind.
  • Knew Hyunseung before he came into this high school, and knew about his darkest past.
  • Everyone feared him even teachers give him high amount of respect.
  • Makes sure that everything he does have more benefits than loss.
  • In love with his vice-president, Yoseob, but Yoseob doesn’t return his feelings.



  • Vice-president of the council.
  • Close friends with Gikwang, the secretary of the council.
  • Quiet and simple minded person which prefers to keep everything simple.
  • Very straight forward guy who never likes dealing with complicated stuffs.
  • When Doojoon confessed his love for him, he rejected him straight and stated, “Love is a complicated thing, and I don’t like it.”



  • Secretary of the student council.
  • A very wise person who is able to see things in different points of view.
  • Rather quiet person like Yoseob.
  • Always using his eye smiles to reply questions which he doesn’t want to answer.
  • Interested with Dongwoon but doesn’t confess or tell him about his feelings.
  • Just looks at Dongwoon from afar, when Dongwoon is happy, he is happy.



  • A cheerful and emotional person.
  • Junhyung’s best friend, always playing in class, cheering the class up from their stressful life.
  • Trust people easily and is very naïve.
  • Gikwang is always the one to save him from getting cheated.
  • He had once been lied to by his classmate and almost borrowed all his money to him. 
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kongartwork #2
Chapter 32: hey..i really enjoybthe entire story..though i couldn't quite imagine infinite members as some thug...kkk but still the storyline's great so i want to appreciate you for writing such a great story...#bow...
but i'm curious about one thing
i know this story is mainly about junseung
but dooseob comes clean at the end and i don't see any conclusion of kiwoon's problem with dongwoonie's parents so..i thought...
does their acceptance story will be written on a side story or this is really the end of this entire story?
i kinda wait for the sollution of kiwoon's problem...
thank you for giving me such a good time reading...
Keyq1998 #3
Chapter 31: this fic really good!!!
i love it <3
likaCXL #4
Chapter 25: "Junhyung felt the cheeks in his palms getting hotter and he had to resist the urge to kiss him. Hyunseung nodded softly and closed his eyes. Junhyung gently moved closer towards Hyunseung and pressed their lips together. It wasn’t something lustful or forceful. Just pressing of their lips together. Hyunseung could feel the loud heartbeat on his palm and his own heartbeat in his ears. Junhyung opened his eyes a little to look at Hyunseung. He slipped his hand back and pulled Hyunseung closer by the back of his neck. He tilted his head to press his lips fully onto Hyunseung’s and moved their lips together. Hyunseung’s hands were pressed up onto Junhyung’s shoulders and grabbing onto shirt. When they pull away, they pressed their foreheads together while panting. Junhyung wiped off the small amount of drool on Hyunseung’s bottom lip." -- best moment eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

reading again this story : ))
DevilDeer85 #5
Chapter 31: What a reat ending! Nothing is forever but I hope they will be together forever!
Nice story! Thank you!
bigbadjester #6
Chapter 31: the ending is great, dear. stop saying it is not.
too bad that it has ended. i love this story and always will.
thanks for writing and i will remember this story like forever.
with love.
oh, please don't stop writing junseung? ^^d
seobismieuxie #7
Chapter 31: thanks for your great story author shii.. its a great ending don't worry its not boring and its not suck. its soo lovely and happu ending..
beastlyhyun #8
Chapter 31: That was realy really awesome. I cried so much in the middle of night T_T but it does end happily. Thanks author-shi for such awesome n daebak story!!
silentloving10 #9
Just wanted to say that I really, really, really liked this story. I followed the story on livejournal but I am so happy that I found it here. ^^ Thanks for writing an amazing story although chapter 29 freaked me out a bit.
VeeJunSeung #10
Chapter 31: the ending.... TT_TT

it's so great dear..... i cry really...

thanks for making such a great story... TT_TT

will wait for you new fic... 화이팅!!!!