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Shadows of the Dark


Title: Shadows of the Dark

Author: jhhs-1505 / criesofmelancholy / yjhsxjuran


Summary: When the light shines, pure darkness turns into shadows.

A/N: So…yeah! This is my new fic! :D if you read the summary and then about junseung’s personality, you will know why the summary is written that way. XD


Thank you aini95 for main image! :D

and thank you trangnt for the background image! :D




  • A cold and dark person.
  • Doesn’t smile or say anything when he is in school.
  • A dark past where no one in school knows except for one person, Yoon Doojoon.
  • Even so, the girls and numerous guys are attracted to him.
  • Unapproachable, yet his looks and doe eyes are too pretty to deny.
  • Some tried to approach him, but was scared away by his soul piercing stares.



  • Hyunseung’s seatmate.
  • Wishing that Junhyung’s cheerful character would light him up, but it doesn’t seem to work.
  • A cheerful, helpful and happy-go-lucky high school student who loves having fun.
  • A complete opposite of Hyunseung, sociable and the joker of the class.
  • Never fails to lighten the mood of the class.
  • He will greet Hyunseung every day without fail, be it just a hello or a bye, even when Hyunseung ignores him all the time.



  • School council’s student president.
  • An outer smiling mask where no one can imagine the motives he has in his mind.
  • Knew Hyunseung before he came into this high school, and knew about his darkest past.
  • Everyone feared him even teachers give him high amount of respect.
  • Makes sure that everything he does have more benefits than loss.
  • In love with his vice-president, Yoseob, but Yoseob doesn’t return his feelings.



  • Vice-president of the council.
  • Close friends with Gikwang, the secretary of the council.
  • Quiet and simple minded person which prefers to keep everything simple.
  • Very straight forward guy who never likes dealing with complicated stuffs.
  • When Doojoon confessed his love for him, he rejected him straight and stated, “Love is a complicated thing, and I don’t like it.”



  • Secretary of the student council.
  • A very wise person who is able to see things in different points of view.
  • Rather quiet person like Yoseob.
  • Always using his eye smiles to reply questions which he doesn’t want to answer.
  • Interested with Dongwoon but doesn’t confess or tell him about his feelings.
  • Just looks at Dongwoon from afar, when Dongwoon is happy, he is happy.



  • A cheerful and emotional person.
  • Junhyung’s best friend, always playing in class, cheering the class up from their stressful life.
  • Trust people easily and is very naïve.
  • Gikwang is always the one to save him from getting cheated.
  • He had once been lied to by his classmate and almost borrowed all his money to him. 


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Kpoplover4ever4321 #1
Chapter 31: Hyunseung I am gonna really kill him for doing this to you
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Chapter 29: That is so sad
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Chapter 28: ㅠㅡㅠ I was gonna cry becauseThey were gonna break up but they didn't :D
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Chapter 27: /Facepam/ JUNHYUNG!
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Chapter 26: I hate Mika like really he is so mean to Hyunseungie
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Chapter 25: I don't like Mika in the story he don't like Hyunseung
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Chapter 23: Lol Seung?
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