Pursuit of Parallel Happiness


One death. One broken heart. Twelve dimensions.

How far will one go to save a life and mend a broken heart?


7 years – Time taken to know her.

6 months – Time taken to acknowledge the feelings for her.

5 weeks – Time taken to pluck up the courage for a confession.

4 days – Time taken to come up with something for a confession.

3 hours – Time taken to rehearse for the upcoming confession.

2 minutes – Time taken to fend off an ex-boyfriend.

A split second – Time taken for an accident to occur.


Total time wasted – an eternity with her.


Parallel universe, that’s the only place I can possibly be with her.



Any resemblance to other stories is purely incidental.

The story is fictional and no one was hurt during the conception of this story.

Grammatical errors are predicted and your understanding is appreciated.

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ilovesleep #1
Reading the comments...trying not to read this...omg nuts! So much cliffhanging feels from the comments...em soo scared...~_~...mustnotreaduntildone.savemyself.

Hug and kisseu.
Dhino_ss #2
Update soon please~~
Sone8057 #3
Chapter 32: Okay... Now I am just totally confused and curious on what's going to happen between those two dimension travelers and what happened to dimension traveling Taeyeon's Tiffany
highfivemedude #4
Chapter 32: what the fffffffff what a plot twist
cdbmblackjack #5
DANG. I JUST FOUND THIS AND LEFT ME SO HANGING. OH, That's how you actually end your chapters but because i'm reading it from Chapter 1 to the last one, the thrill and urge to know the next chapter just hits me.

Wondering whose taeyeon is this; since Taeyeon dimension 9's already dead, is she from the past? Or from the future? Is she also like tiffany? Looking for each taeyeon of each dimension because... Tiffany died in her dimension? Is she somehow one of the reasons why Taeyeon from the other dimensions recollected themselves in just a snap and seemed really ready for the upcoming confrontation/confession? Sorry for bombarding you with questions which will obviously be answered by the upcoming chapters.

I am a bit wondering who's that antique pocket watch seller, the florists ㅡ and i guess, the one who paid for tiffany's meal around what dimension was that? Eleven? was her.

Nonetheless, i love this so much. And your adorable author's notes made me smile, those self battles. Hahaha ♡♡

My username would, I know, leave you some expressions but hey, I am a Blackjack but I can be a locksmith too right?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ update soon
xxi_alexa #6
Chapter 32: i just found out abt your story today, and ohmygosh I'm in love lol
omggggg but the last chp really leaves me hanging author, arghhhhh
so tiffany isn't the only one 'traveling' huh, i wonder what happened to taeyeon's tiffany at her dimension..
and that blonde girl who gave fany the watch is still suspicious too..and the one who sold the blue roses, hmm..
CzartheRussian #7
Chapter 27: I just read your story in one go! No standing, no eating, no brushing my teeth (kiddin'). And I just have to say that you are an exceptional author considering you came up with this story just geez. I love how you portray different version of Tiffany and the other Tiffany's life would be with Taeyeon. I wish this story can last forever but we know there are only a few things stitched with this word. So yeah, please give this an ending that will not tear me up for a week because Taeyeon is already dead in the first chapter. Pinky promise, author-ssi? But before that, keep on writing because many of us anticipates what's next. Okay? Aja! :)
katykatkaye #8
Chapter 32: Akukuku. :( I hope you'll countinue this story, i was shocked with this update. XDDD Taengoo also travels while Tiff too. ^^ daebak!
RememberZiah #9
Chapter 32: Oh god. Yay this story is back! But oh God, you're throwing in a travelling Taeyeon now too. Ok this is gonna mess me up. Am I going to start shipping people from different dimensions now. Good Lord. I was honestly hoping this was the Taeyeon that died the moment that Tiffany didn't disappear. Hhhh That's unfortunate. I really love this story.
melbaSONE #10
Chapter 32: i like this story!!!i knew taeyeon is helping tiffany when she go to other dimension..but why..?maybe tiffany died in other dimension or in taeyeon's present too?hmmmm~~
ps..new reader here..subcribe and upvote done!!^_^