Pursuit of Parallel Happiness


One death. One broken heart. Twelve dimensions.

How far will one go to save a life and mend a broken heart?


7 years – Time taken to know her.

6 months – Time taken to acknowledge the feelings for her.

5 weeks – Time taken to pluck up the courage for a confession.

4 days – Time taken to come up with something for a confession.

3 hours – Time taken to rehearse for the upcoming confession.

2 minutes – Time taken to fend off an ex-boyfriend.

A split second – Time taken for an accident to occur.


Total time wasted – an eternity with her.


Parallel universe, that’s the only place I can possibly be with her.



Any resemblance to other stories is purely incidental.

The story is fictional and no one was hurt during the conception of this story.

Grammatical errors are predicted and your understanding is appreciated.

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Many thanks.

From now onwards, its gonna be crazy updates till completion. =DDD

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lovewithkpop #1
Chapter 41: This is so confusing. This chapter reveal everything. Thanks i guess. A little bit more detail and don't rush to much; will be great. Yes this is different yet interesting.
Kaylala #2
I have got to admit that this is one of the best fanfic I had ever read. It was kind of confusing at some part (even after the explanation is still confusing me) but nevertheless it was totally worth the read. Thank you so much for this wonderful story,authornim :))
heptagon #3
This story is kinda riddle for me.. confusing but well written. You got me there author! Thank you for sharing a brilliant work.
xolovestephi309 #4
Chapter 40: i got confused, but well good job there author. great story. thank you for this story <3
xixens #5
Thank you for your existence and your great works. It's been a while since I've read something this well written and gosh.. I'm at a loss of words...
Chapter 41: This story is seriously great , I'm a fan of ' Doctor who ' and i loved time changing things.... Author nimm your jang! You have such a wonderful brain at most , I'l be definitely crazy if i were you... I know it's kind of late since the story is completed very long time ago...but this story is the amazing and greatest of all the stories i've come accross and i really wished i can travelled in different dimension like Fany did !

This story really sent me to another land ... I really really loved it!! But waking up back to realit as the story ends is so .... Strange... I hope you'd continued on writing..

Thank you!!!
Tfyrep_ #7
Chapter 41: I read all this in one sitting and let's just this was like an emotional roller coaster for me , I nearly cried at some point ! (I finished reading this at 50:35am rip)
imi_nio #9
Chapter 41: Oh i just realised the summary! Awesome weyy good to be organized, i think im gonna reread it again help cant move on
imi_nio #10
Chapter 40: Hi author, OMG thanks for the great, awesome, wonderful fic! Its been a while since i ride such a roller coaster emotion ~ oh how im smiling like idiot, teary and also feeling hurt as i immersed into the story.. my Taeny feelsss..