Pursuit of Parallel Happiness


One death. One broken heart. Twelve dimensions.

How far will one go to save a life and mend a broken heart?


7 years – Time taken to know her.

6 months – Time taken to acknowledge the feelings for her.

5 weeks – Time taken to pluck up the courage for a confession.

4 days – Time taken to come up with something for a confession.

3 hours – Time taken to rehearse for the upcoming confession.

2 minutes – Time taken to fend off an ex-boyfriend.

A split second – Time taken for an accident to occur.


Total time wasted – an eternity with her.


Parallel universe, that’s the only place I can possibly be with her.



Any resemblance to other stories is purely incidental.

The story is fictional and no one was hurt during the conception of this story.

Grammatical errors are predicted and your understanding is appreciated.

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barney01 #1
Chapter 41: This is well written and planned
I like how you stick to your plot, every chapter is something, nothing is a 'filler'
I am thankful for this story. You're good :)
Again, thanks for writing this
PaperMushroomLOVE #2
This story is too good. Good job author, this story has been well made and the details of the story has been well illustrated and told. Just truly amazing
tae1810 #3
Chapter 41: aww, this is good ^_^
at least they together..
this story make me remember mirae nikki..

this is really good. your talented! hehe
tae1810 #4
Chapter 32: OMG!!
this sentence
“What makes you think you are the
only one travelling?”

I'm so happy with this chapter! hehehe
kjms29 #5
Chapter 41: **** **** **** !!!! I remember confessing to my girl with curse because of how much I love her. And now, I have the same symptoms, your story is sooo good. Wahhh~ can't stop spazzing *____* Finish reading this in a day, can't stop reading at all. I love this story author shiiii <3
KimTY_99 #6
Chapter 41: The story is awesome!! And I just realized in Chapter "39", Tiffany was in Dimension "8" where there was this car accident, and later in the chapter, she was back in Dimension "1" where she woke up from her coma~~ 3981? huh? is this an easter egg author? lololololol
I love this fic~~ And I love this kind of fics~~ the vibes, lol
fergieyo #7
Chapter 41: Finish reading this in a day.. Awesome story author shhi.. Thank you!
RoyaLocksmith #8
Chapter 41: This is a masterpiece im going to read this fic ovet and over again
kotenshi #9
Masterpice 1000/100
draye090490 #10
Chapter 41: Someone once told me that you should never delve in further or gain further understanding than you already have when it comes to stories with the element of traveling through space and time. Simply because the story contains a certain magic and thus magic is very hard to comprehend that's why there is no actual fact to prove it as real. However the time table greatly helped although some may still have me questioning but I'll leave it at that, I'll believe in the magic instead and be happy at the conclusion of this story, it was wonderful.