The Dark Side Of Him


Redylicious is back...!!!~

(with new one-shot >.<)

I decided to create another one-shot for this contest once the dateline were extend until 8th March

Because I'am very busy (You week) and too lazy

I request it to a one-shot shop /)>.<)/



Elle Jacobs|Beautiful Creatures Oneshot Shop

#seriously, I really love your writing style! ^^



baobeitaotao| - - lσveablєart♥ ┇ open - -

#speechless when I saw the poster for the first time ^^




Not all of it were sweet"


...You may believe me after finish reading this fic...


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princessamy #1
Chapter 1: this is creepy but its good. never thought it's him
MissInc #2
Chapter 1: Holycrap chanbek is real ! Lol
But I kinda asdfghjkl
Chapter 1: Oh. My. God! I'm speechless
What a great twist! I really like it!
He chooses his bro that his own wife!
expectations #4
"Bros before hoes…" somehow. So he killed his wife himself?
Chapter 1: WHAT KIND OF ASDFGHJKL IS THAT SKDJKSLJDHK OTL OTL- "I choose you, brother." WHAT EVEN- Naeunnaaayyyy ;; so he like..killed his own love for his dead brother?! WHAT IS AIR. /hyperventilates like spongebob/
meahtokko #6
Chapter 1: OMG.. Okayyy.. That's a good one!!
Thanks for the story!! <3
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 1: This is just beautiful! Cannot stop reading - keep it up ^^