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They met through mutual friends.

Seulgi thought she had found her Mr Right.

The cliché part is, that Oh Sehun already had a girlfriend.





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Hunbaeks #1
Chapter 4: Love it authornim..hope you can update it soon^_^
velvecious #2
Chapter 4: omg red velvet comeback!! count me in! i hope you will update more often i like ff a lot!! <3 fighting for you!
littlehanridinghun #3
Chapter 4: im dying to know who's sehun's girlfriend though
prettyprettyseulgi #4
Chapter 4: Seulgi, remember he has a girlfriend.
koyuki_kazahana #5
Chapter 4: Was looking forward for this one and finally an update! a few errors here and there tho, but nothing severe so this chapter is all good! looking for the next one :)
hwangrin #6
Chapter 3: Update soon pleaseeeee
Krystixzx #7
Chapter 3: Update more!!!
AngelofHeaven #8
Chapter 3: seulgi, please be hard to get.
pluviophile97 #9
Chapter 3: Whoa this is interesting i mean they kissed in their first meeting lol pls update soon! :)
jushenz #10
Chapter 3: Oh my g. It's to intense , wahhhh looking forward for your next update. Annyeong ^_^