Oh my Luhan, I fell In love with my master! Completed!

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Oh my Luhan, I fell In love with my master! - main story image


Luhan, OC. More characters introduced later in the story.


"Why do people always fall in love with the wrong person?"                              

"Maybe It's fate?"

One poor girl, One rich family. 

What happens when the man she fell in love with is a snobbish, cold, jerk?


Read on to find out.


"Oh no, I fell in love with my master!" 


Hello! Exotictae_'s second fic :D I hope you guys enjoy this one ^^ oh, And in this fic, EXO-M doesn't exist as a kpop group. :D

[Copyright Exotictae_ 2012 ©]



Title: Oh my Luhan, I fell In Love with My Master!

Main Characters: Lee Yoonmi/OC, Luhan.

Minor Characters: Kim Su Jin/OC, Rest of EXO-M, Other fictional characters.


Storyline: Exotictae_ 

Poster/Background: Exotictae_ 

Started: 120528

Ended:  120629




 C H A R A C T E R S; 


|H E R|




♥ Very very shy girl.

♥ Doesn't like be protrayed as weak.

♥ Tries very hard to be cheerful even though her father left her.



|H I M|


♥ A very cold person.

♥ Hates it when people touch his things.

♥ Doesn't smile alot.



 |T H E M|


♥ Shes rich, her family is on close terms with Luhan's.

♥ She likes Luhan, ever since she met saw him.

♥ Luhan hates her guts.




♥ Luhan's friends.

♥ The only people Luhan actually opens up to.

♥ None of them likes Su Jin.


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vsvivian () says about chapter 45:
Wow.. this story is so amazing.. luhan really so sweet.. I wish to be Yoonmi.. how lucky she is^^

Siamthary_sammy () says about chapter 44:
Wahh!!finally its a nice story...with happy endings..i really like it!!

wonderland3210 () says about chapter 45:
Awh one of my fav Luhan stories. Its so sweet at the end *_*

Luhan_Yeoja () says:
Subscribed :)
Then gonna up vote :D
And then Print the whole chapters in pdf and read 3:)

Linedah () says about chapter 45:
So adorable!! I'm glad Luhan recovered and SuJin leaving him so easily! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this story!

saranghanda_ () says about chapter 23:
Oh my god.. That string of saliva though *blushes*

joonmyxeon () says about chapter 45:
i love your story author nim!!! good work uve done :-)

storyofmydream () says about chapter 45:
Love your story...keep up the good work authornim...

jazelinenirwana () says about chapter 44:
the best story I've ever read !! I love this story ! Thumbs up authornim ! and it ended with happy ending <3

soshi_999 () says about chapter 44:
Awww so cuteee >,< i'm happy for them and lay , they're so adorable and the last sentence lolll and thank you sooo much for such an enjoyable stories author-nim ♡♡♡~ ^o^/

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