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Please Verify Your Age [M]

Trigger Warning
by LoveRain3Seconds
Tags   changkyu   dbsk   hanchul   superjunior   yoosu   yunjae   | Report Content


Please Verify Your Age - chapter image


“HOT DAMN!” Yuhno cheered.


He looked at Jaejoong standing in front of him in a black wrap shirt and boxer briefs. He longingly stared at his long hairless legs. He was in awe.


Jae wiggled his come here fingers and Yuhno walked over to him. Jae put his arms around Yuhno’s neck. Yuhno wrapped his around Jae’s waist.


“You know, I didn’t think it was possible but you’re getting sexier everyday being pregnant.” Yuhno smiled.


“And fatter” Jae giggled.


“No way baby, you’re just gaining curves, and more for me to….” He kissed Jae’s exposed collarbone.


“Kiss” Yuhno smiled.


“Yunnie make love to me in our new bed, I want you so bad” Jae whined


“Mmmm baby, I want you too” Yuhno grinned and gently pushed him to the bed.


They kissed deeply, Yuhno always kissed Jae in such a way it made his legs feel numb. He loved kissing the man, it was amazing. Jae couldn’t stop thinking about what Heechul told him.




He decided he’d get him a little hot in his own way and ask him. Worst he could say is no. Jae tilted his neck wanting to feel Yuhno’s warm lips on his neck.


“Ahhh..Oppa” He cooed.


He could feel and hear the reaction from Yuhno and smiled internally.  He tingled at each touch Yuhno laid on his skin. Yuhno was always careful around his stomach.  Jaejoong decided to change it up and pushed him to his back straddling him.  


“Oppa, I have a question” Jae said softly grinding his groin into Yuhno’s.


“Mmmmm anything baby” Yuhno said his hands holding Jae’s hips.


“What do you think about me being a top sometimes” He asked with a sexy face thinking it would soften it.


“You mean you….Ummm… But…” Yuhno didn’t know how to answer.


Jae decided to try to butter him up a bit and slid off his shirt. He bit his lip after licking it till it glistened.


“Oppa please? “ He pouted with his best Aeygo


Yuhno sat up kissing his bare chest. He honestly didn’t mind. He was curious himself too. But he wanted to play hard to get.


“Yunnie….Ahhh… you…didn’t answer….ooooo” Jae moaned at his love bites on his chest.


Yuhno decided to get off the bed and stood in front of Jae. Jae was now worried he said something wrong and walked backwards. Yuhno had a blank stare on his face as he approached Jae. Without warning Yuhno put Jae against the wall and held his hands at his sides. He intertwined their fingers holding them down.


“You want to be top Deh?” Yuhno said with a deep chilling voice.


Jae was literally shaking. Yuhno had to hold in his giggles.


“D…Deh. But I don’t have to Yunnie it was an Idea” Jae said trembling.


Yuhno moved close to his ear and grinned when he whispered into his ear.


“Silly baby, stop shaking, I will always do things you want. You never have to be afraid to ask me. And if you’re wondering my answer is yes. Matter of fact….” He looked down at his pants. His cock was ridiculously hard now with the thought.


“You also made Little Yunnie happy with that idea too” He grinned capturing Jae’s lips passionately.


Jae removed Yuhno’s shirt and pants. The both now just in briefs. They went to their bed and Yuhno laid Jae down gently. He kissed down his neck and chest. He went down his sides getting giggles from Jae. Down his thighs kissing the whole time. Jae was in heaven.


“Oppa it’s…ahhh.not nice to tease” Jae said.


Yuhno grinned and kissed Jae’s clothed cock. He wanted that animal side of Jae to come out. He was sure this would work.


“What does my baby want?” Yuhno looked up still kissing Jae’s clothed cock.


“Ahhh..Oppa…I want to feel your mouth on me” Jae whined.


“Mmmm my pleasure baby” He said removing Jae’s briefs and immediately engulfing Jae’s dripping cock.


“OOOOO SHIT OPPA” Jae said loudly.


“Watch me baby, you look so hot when you moan” Yuhno said in between sucking and licking Jae’s cock.


Yuhno loved Jae’s taste. It was sweet and yet a bit rich. He let his tongue graze the slit and Jae squeaked in pleasure.


“Oppa….unnnnffff…I want you to ғυϲƙ me first” Jae begged, Yuhno was shocked at his request figuring he wanted to get right to his new found top position.


“Mmmm *slurp* But I thought you wanted to ғυϲƙ me baby?” Yuhno asked still sucking but puzzled.


“AHHHH I do…But….Oh god…I need to feel you first.” Jae begged again.


Yuhno grabbed the lube in the bedside table and coated his fingers. Gently easing one into him.




Jae bucked his hips feverantly on Yuhno’s fingers. He wanted more.


“Oppa get inside me now, I want you so ғυϲƙing bad” Jae hollered.


“Wow baby we are feisty bigtime tonight Oppa likes” Yuhno smiled and lined himself up at Jae’s tight hole.


He slowly pushed into Jae. Jae didn’t want to wait he thrust himself against Yuhno putting Yuhno deep inside of him.


“AHHHHH ғυϲƙ JAE” Yuhno moaned.


“ғυϲƙ ME OPPA” Jae cried and Yuhno began to thrust hard into Jae.


Yuhno was  beginning to love this side of Jae. It was new and risky, and so ғυϲƙing sexy. He wondered how he knew this  but he shook it out of his mind and one name came. HEECHUL!


Jae was pumping is own cock now and Yuhno was thrusting into Jae’s hole.


“AAHHH ғυϲƙ OPPA HARDER” Jae cried.


Yuhno slowed down and leaned over Jae. He smiled and slowly slid out of Jae causing a pout on Jaes face.


“Ahhh.. Yunnie…why did you…” He was cut off by Yuhno’s lips.


“My baby had a request and I intend to fufill it” Yuhno said rolling next to him on his back pulling Jae onto him.


“Yunnie are you sure” Jae asked.


“Deh, Oppa is VERY sure!” Yuhno smiled grabbing the lube and putting it in Jae’s hand.


“Aniyo first I am going to give Oppa what he gave me” Jae grinned and slide down taking Yuhnos big cock into his hand and teasing it with his tounge.


“OOooo..God damn baby.. your mouth is …AHhhh” he moaned.


Jae did as he saw Yuhno do many times and coated his fingers with the lube. He danced his finger around Yuhno’s hole it made Yuhno’s back arch. He slowly pushed his slender finger in.




Jae grinned and gently pushed in more. He heard Yuhno wince a little.


“Omo Yunnie you ok I can stop” Jae worried.


“Aniyo it will be ok baby don ‘t stop” Yuhno panted.


Jae listened and pushed his finger in fully holding it still for a minute then wiggling it a little. It made Yuhno moan loud.


“ғυϲƙ BABY THERE DO THAT AGAIN” Yuhno said grabbing his cock feeding it  into Jae’s mouth gently.


Jae slowly pressed another finger in the same way. Yuhno didn’t wince this time to Jae’s approval. And Jae began to push his fingers in and out of Yuhno’s hole. Spreading them a little each time as he went in and out.


“MOTHER ғυϲƙ BABY HARDER THERE YES AHHHHHH” Yuhno moaned loudly. Jae was very turned out at the audio level going up with this. Yuhno’s moans made Jae’s cock twitch. He took his free hand and began to pump his member while fingering Yuhno’s hole and Yuhno feeding his cock to Jae’s mouth.


“ahhhh….shit…baby….go ahead, I want to feel you.” Yuhno panted and moaned.


Jae gently let his fingers out and leaned up rubbing his cock against Yuhno’s hole. He leaned himself into it slowly.  Reallizing Yuhno was beginning to buck he knew it mean there was no pain. He pressed in all of himself in one fluid motion.


“SHHHHHHIIIIT” Yuhno moaned gripping the sheets.


“Ahhh shit baby ғυϲƙ me good damnnnn ahhhhh” Yuhno moaned.


Jae grinned and began to pump himself in and out of Yuhno’s super tight hole.


“Ahhhh Yunnie you feel so good, does it feel good to you” Jae said thrusting into him.


“ғυϲƙ YES HARDER BABY ғυϲƙ ME LIKE YOU LIKE ME DOING PLEASSE…..AHHHH”  He moaned as Jae began to slam into him.


“Yuuu…Nghhh..Im c lose” Jae moaned pounding into him.


“Ahhh me too baby….shiit….ahhh…ϲυm together…ahhh” He moaned.


Jae anchored himself differently , and for some reason it gave him new strength in the thrusting.


“AHHHH FCUK BABY IM GOING TO ϲυm” Yuhno yelled.


“ME….TO…AHHHHH” Jae cried.


Yuhno’s ϲυm splashed on his chest and hand. Jae filled Yuhno’s hole with his hot seed. Jae collapsed slowly sliding out of him and falling onto the bed .


“Omo Yunnie are you ok?” Jae asked knowing what pain would come.


“Honestly, We are sOOOOOOOOOOOO doing that more often. That was INSANE!!!” He smiled rolling to his side and wiping the sweat from Jae’s brows.


Jae giggled and kissed his lips softly.


“Baby I love you so much I don’t think words or actions could ever explain how much” Yuhno said as he got off the bed to get a wash cloth to clean them both.


“I know that feeling hubby” I love you too” Jae blushed.


“Baby, shouldn’t I be feeling some sort of pain?” Yuhno asked.


“Erm yeah a little why?” Jae said puzzled.


“Well, I feel fine no pain not even a twinge” Yuhno said washing Jae off  lovingly.


“That is weird, and when you punched the wall, which by the way you got to fix, no injury, and today when Chullie and I worked on the Sunroom I stubbed my barefoot on the concrete and not even a scratch or pain” He said.


“New power maybe we are un injurable?” Yuhno said.


“Hmmm we have to talk to the guardians, but that can wait right now I need sleep, and so does OPPA” Jae giggled, taking the cloth and washing Yuhno off delicately.


Yuhno took the dirty cloth and put it in the bathroom laundry bin. He stopped and grabbed fresh briefs and pj’s for them both and giggled that Jae had kept his Hamtaro pajamas.


“Aish these things “ Yuhno giggled.


“Hey they are comfy mister” Jae scoffed.


The two of them go dressed and climbed into the bed. Yuhno held Jae close to him and Jae rested his head on Yuhno’s chest.


“Baby I was thinking, What do you think about getting married as soon  as Ky comes home” Yuhno asked.


“Omo I like that idea Yunnie it will be perfect, can we get married by the Cherry blossom road?” Jae asked.


“Anything my wife to be wants he will get. “ Yuhno smiled.


“Oh and one more thing baby, how about we all get married together?” Yuhno asked.


“You mean us and the guys? Aniyo I will not marry anyone but my Yunnie” Jae pouted.


“Aish, silly I mean’t get married to each other, and them to each other as a combined ceremony” Yuhno said laughing.


“Oh, OMG YES… “ Jae giggled.


“Yunnie do you think we will have boys or girls? And what about Su, and KY” He asked excitedly.


“Well, im no expert, but I am hoping for daughters, and I think Su will have a boy, and KY well I think he will have a food monster” Yuhno laughed Jae joined him.


“I love you Jung Yuhno” Jae said closing his eyes.


“I love you too Kim Jaejoong, and you two down there Appa loves you sleep well” Yuhno said snuggling into Jaes frame and slowly they both fell asleep.


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alwayskeepthefaithh () says:
Love this story !

Iluvyunjae () says about chapter 2:
I love Changmin's comments on the couples LOL

Syana1 () says about chapter 127:
Waaah at least for this part one that have died but there still the others right???Haih...I really lazy to read the second part but your stories is tooo damn awesome so I will continue reading the second part...dont worry ok?^^

kafkis () says:
seems like I found something quite interesting and long to read
:) cant wait!!
gotta start reading right away!

MissEztie () says about chapter 128:
well done
yay yay yay
must read the second

MissEztie () says about chapter 4:
oh my god. You're so good. I read your chapter and always make me so curious and excited

MissEztie () says about chapter 1:
ahh the next chap you make me feel curious about the next chap. Okay I wanna read it

ElfCassieYenJi () says about chapter 128:
done off to sequel. :)

tezukakyosuke () says about chapter 1:
Going to read the whole series for the 2ndtime

sam16love () says:
oh I love this story of yours author-nim this is my third time reading it
keep up the good work with the rest of the parts

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