The Cupid Reaper : Messenger of Love and Caller of Souls (open)

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tripartite life.
Cupid Reaper
cupid, the one that makes us fall in love with our true fated one. grim reaper, the one that takes our soul away to the afterlife. we've heard both terms as one or other other, but never together. so what actually is a cupid reaper? what does a cupid reaper do?
in a city called nizho located in roksiam, serena, a cupid reaper, has a role of being the messenger of love as well as being the caller of souls. it is her duty to fulfill both roles and complete her missions. basically she just has a double job of being a cupid and a grim reaper on top of her so-called ordinary life.
she hasn't had any issues with completing her tasks and helping those out that call upon her, but recently things have shifted. now she has someone, a mortal someone with a sixth sense, looking into her previous cases that dealt with her making others fall in love and those she had taken to the afterlife.
serena will make sure to divert the attention elsewhere and be as aloof as possible. because if she doesn't and fails in completing her tasks, then what she holds dear and has been reaching for all this time will all be for naught.



author's note
hello, hello. if you don't know who i am, my name's vicky, and this is my first applyfic in a long time. it only came about because of a friend and that's why this is here and i'm determined to really finish this despite saying that in the past, but i think time has changed and i'm ready to commit without being too hasty in wanting to get a story out and such. anyways, this apply is a combination of cupid, grim reaper, death god, police stuff, and all the things in-between. this is inspired from very many things, and i do mean very many things, so if you think i copied your work, then we must have been watching and reading the same things to get something like this. lol i'm just saying though since there was a lot of things that were incorporated to create this. but anyways, credits of all of this inspiration goes to hell girl (japan), gloomy salad days (taiwan), my name is love (thailand), ballad no shinigami (japan), shinigami-kun (japan), kiina (japan), border (japan), shibatora (japan), charmed (american), ouroboros (japan), and all the other japanese crime and mystery dramas i've watched along with a lot of american ones, too. also with the tales of erotes (roman/greek), lilith (jewish), lucifer (english), yue lao (chinese), musubi (japanese), charon (greek), chang'e (chinese), and tsukiyomi (japanese). and credits to owner of layouts, pictures, and other things that deserves credits to rightful owner and respective places.
1. subscribe if you like, upvote if you like, but at least comment please.
2. any face claim (despite the majority of the npc being asians).
3. this takes place in an alternate universe of sort, so any love interest.
4. may apply as male or female as well as have same relationship.
5. there is a password so i know y'all read this.
6. overall, just have fun and no bashing (not that i've seen it).
7. cheat sheet will have more stuff to further explain everything.

-The story within this account of [InMemoryOfJonghyun] is a work of Fiction. The events and characters are fictional or out of character, and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends.

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