ODD. a layout gallery  /  2021 update-ish? thank you for all the support!


sweet crazy love
LOOΠΔ / odd eye circle
ft. LOOΠΔ / odd eye circle
 Welcome.  I strive to provide minimalistic and mobile-friendly layouts for everyone. All of my layouts are free to use. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!
 Rules.  Subscribe and comment if using any layout. Do not remove credit. Minimal tweaking is allowed. If you have any questions regarding my layouts or coding, drop me a PM.
 About me.  I've been coding for almost five years... Still at it though. I stan LOONA and Wanna One, all of them deserve so much love? I'm from Malaysia and also a senior in high school so I might be slow at updating.
psa. check out Yves' song, 'new' because issa bop.
 Recommendations.  Some of my favourite galleries (in no particular order) that inspire me, and you should definitely check them out if you haven't already.

 Edelweiss.    Delightful.    Mintleaf.    Peculiars.    Blah!.  
 Bento.    Hyuu!.    Elan.   + etc.

oof haseul who? im swerving to olivia's lane


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Hi~ I'm using love letter~
Chapter 8: hello, I'm using new eden! thank you
Chapter 4: using girls talk for our rp. thank you.
Chapter 4: using girls talk for our rp! much thanks! <3
using girl talk, thank you!
using love letter, thank you
violetshq #7
Chapter 4: using girls talk, thank you!
39-twt #8
Chapter 2: using new eden, ty!
rml_mel #9
Chapter 4: using girls talk. Thank you <3