[One-shot Series] The Wings of An Angel


Angels have wings. To fly high above and reach the stars, to protect themselves, and those they love, and to let the whole world recognize them as angels. 

Seohyun is always called an angel, but she knows that she is never truly one. Or at least, she can't never be one without the help of her wings, or in other words, her friends and families. Those who love her more than she could ever ask for. Those who watch over and protect her even before she could ask. Those whom she loves and treasures more than anything else. 



1. Seohyun - Minho: How Best Friends Turn Lovers (Minseo) 

2. Seohyun - Yonghwa: The Definition of Happiness (Yongseo)

3. Changmin - Seohyun - Kyuhyun: How it all started (Changseokyu)

This is the special side stories to my long fic A Date with Seo Joohyun, however, you could mostly still treat them as separated stories. 

  • Seohyun: Under The Stage Light.
  • Changmin: Under The Roof.
  • Kyuhyun: Under The Starry Night.

4. Leeteuk: Because We Are Who We Want To Be

5. Seohyun - Yunho:

6. Ryeowook: Ryeowook and His Attempts To Be Wicked

7. Seohyun - Kyuhyun: My Thoughts, Your Memories. (Seokyu)

8. Seohyun - VIXX N:

You guys can leave comments about which pairings you would like to see :) And I'll try my best to write about them.

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kimi_jae #1
Chapter 4: Thank you very much for the author update. Please write more Changseo stories.
erinni #2
Chapter 4: I love your stories.Would you mind if i ask you to do N and Seohyun as well
anazirahs6729 #3
Chapter 3: Well done! Another great story! Happy birthday to you...
I really enjoyed this fic!
Yaya808 #6
Awwwww that was so sweet authornim!!!!
specialtha #7
Chapter 6: Hope u can upload yongseo story, really miss tgen, thanks authornim