Chasing Xiumin

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Zhang Yixing is an accident-prone rogue agent who can't complete a mission without shooting himself or falling asleep (or both), and Im Yoojung is an antisocial mukbang BJ who just wants her sister back from her mysterious kidnappers. Add to the mix a jaded workaholic, a failure of a stand-up comedian, a North Korean gang, a missing secret agent, and a shady organization that seems to always be one step ahead of everyone else, and the end result is a vat of secrecy, intrigue, and deception just waiting to bubble over.





This is a Lay x OC and Chen x OC story (both pairings are the main pairings), and it's going to be a longer chaptered story this time! I'm planning to update at least once a week; since I'm on summer vacation right now, I might be updating more frequently, but once the school year starts up again, frequent updates may be difficult. Please don't tell me to update faster -- I know you're eager to read (and I'm eager to write!), and I'm so grateful for your support, but when I'm not updating, it's probably because of something outside of my control, and telling me to update won't expedite the process any further. However, comments containing feedback, constructive criticism, or general thoughts are very much welcomed! Also, my name is Nana, so you can refer to me by that if you'd like!

A few quick disclaimers: The three former members of EXO are all in this story, so if you don't read Luhan, Kris, or Tao stories, consider yourself warned. This story also contains some violence.

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Credit for the amazing poster above goes to hwitae at Bubblegum Graphics Shop.  Thank you so much! If you'd like to check out more of her work and/or request graphics for your own story, check out my latest blog post for a link.

I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment below!


- Nana



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0 points #1
Chapter 15: Jongdae is Hilarious
Princess Peach aahah Love it
37 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 15: Ohhh a love motel with the most un-romantic couple ever. I can see no hanky panky for those two.....yet. (:-} Eventually that Jongdae charm should win her over.
Gracegesang #3
Chapter 1: Jongdae is hilarioooooouuus!!! Lol
Chapter 1: oh gosh jongdae what did you do hahahahah
Glad I saw this fic on the exo recommendations by aishmin :D
Alisha0074 #6
Chapter 12: Called it..
37 streak #7
Chapter 14: Lol awesome update! Welcome to Jongdae's world of optimism.
mincupin07 #8
Chapter 14: Well darn, there goes my positivity bone. I seriously thought they had a good chance.

Turns out it was planned.

So THIS was what Kris was suggesting.
How could I forget
Chapter 13: i knew it in a heartbeat when u made yixing's vacation reference! he is my bb after all. Goodness that cliff hanger and the mess coming up.
mincupin07 #10