Chasing Xiumin

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Zhang Yixing is an accident-prone rogue agent who can't complete a mission without shooting himself or falling asleep (or both), and Im Yoojung is an antisocial mukbang BJ who just wants her sister back from her mysterious kidnappers. Add to the mix a jaded workaholic, a failure of a stand-up comedian, a North Korean gang, a missing secret agent, and a shady organization that seems to always be one step ahead of everyone else, and the end result is a vat of secrecy, intrigue, and deception just waiting to bubble over.





This is a Lay x OC and Chen x OC story (both pairings are the main pairings), and it's going to be a longer chaptered story this time! I'm planning to update at least once a week; since I'm on summer vacation right now, I might be updating more frequently, but once the school year starts up again, frequent updates may be difficult. Please don't tell me to update faster -- I know you're eager to read (and I'm eager to write!), and I'm so grateful for your support, but when I'm not updating, it's probably because of something outside of my control, and telling me to update won't expedite the process any further. However, comments containing feedback, constructive criticism, or general thoughts are very much welcomed! Also, my name is Nana, so you can refer to me by that if you'd like!

A few quick disclaimers: The three former members of EXO are all in this story, so if you don't read Luhan, Kris, or Tao stories, consider yourself warned. This story also contains some violence.

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Credit for the amazing poster above goes to hwitae at Bubblegum Graphics Shop.  Thank you so much! If you'd like to check out more of her work and/or request graphics for your own story, check out my latest blog post for a link.

I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment below!


- Nana



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16 streak #1
Chapter 12: Well, it's a bug indeed... And yesss my guesses were right lol
16 streak #2
Chapter 11: OMG this is sooooo good, I'm in love with this story! Yixing is so cute and Tao is so amusing (he's so funny >.<) and Chen, he's so weird yet mysterious... And this whole story so far is a riddle to me haha, I'm always guessing which one is bad and which one is good, it's so confusing but I like it hihi
MissMong24 #3
Chapter 16: I just fall more and more in love with Yixing.... sigh... oh and Baekbaek! What an adorable dog.

Also, highkey not sure about Suho and who he actually is....
98 streak #4
Chapter 16: Ah sweet and lovely BaekBaek. I wouldn't mind a puppy like him. I have to laugh at poor Yixing. The hilarious scenario you wrote for him is well done.
PaintingPlayer #5
Chapter 16: Oh we're back at it again with my favorite shIP! I love it. Makes my heart squeeze a teeny bit
bubbleteabaconbuns #6
Chapter 16: Baekbaek is so cute I swear <33333333
You know what about being a scaredy cat? YOU CANT READ SUSPENSE STORIES UNLESS you parents are awake. Unfortunately for me I'm going to have to wait till tomorrow to read.... or i could wake my sleeping parents
MissMong24 #8
Chapter 15: I have to say I am in love with every single character in this story. Everyone is just so relatable from Yixing’s socially awkward personality to Jongdae and his use of humor as a defense mechanism. I also adore our two female leads. They are nowhere near perfect, but they’re human.

Really looking forward to the upcoming chapters! I hope you have a nice winter break!
Chapter 15: I actually love Jongdae in this chapter, because despite all the humor, he does genuinely seem to care. I really liked this update and don't worry about updating frequently because life is more important :)
bubbleteabaconbuns #10
Chapter 15: AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I swear, I don't know how many times I have laughed at Jongdae. He is just too damn funny, I literally can't take it. And honestly, I don't even know why but I pictured Lay's "Peach" instead of 'Princess Peach'. I don't think I will ever look at peaches the same way since he dropped that song on the album xD