One year of Taemin


Taemin goes on holiday and meets someone, then his life changes, this story is about how one meeting shapes his future.  Please enjoy!. 


I hadn’t had a real holiday in a long time.  It had been come back after come back and I was so ready for this holiday. 

I’d arranged it to go alone.  Nowhere was really safe for me.  I wasn’t vain enough to think every person on the planet would recognize me but I knew most of Asia would. 

I really wanted to go to Bali though.  I had never been.  I had been told it was lovely, so I arranged, with the managers help to go to the most secluded place.  It had all been kept secret and as usual, there was a diversion arranged in the form of a fake story and a body double being flown to somewhere else so the heat was off me as I made my way. 

I was in the south of Bali.  Along one of the more secluded beaches, away from Asian prying eyes.  I loved my fans but there was a time when I needed space. 

I had two weeks to myself.  I had a security system arranged for me and everything was taken care of so I wouldn’t even have to leave the airport in front of waiting eyes. 

This seems a little nuts at times but it is definitely needed if I wanted a break from screaming people outside where I was every day.  I say people, everyone thought it was only girls, but unfortunately, I got my fair share of male attention too. 

It goes hand in hand with the business having your uality questioned.  I was ok with this, unlike many of the others.  I knew I wasn’t gay but I didn’t mind people thinking I was.  Hell one of the band members was gay so none of us were remotely homophobic, but I did draw the line at the fans so convinced I was gay men would accost me. 


I arrived around midnight to the villa I had hired.  It was large, open, beautiful, with the highest-grade security I could have hoped for.  A beach only allowed on by guests in the villas that lined it.  Everyone was background checked.  It was enclosed so tightly there was no one overlooking the gardens or pools that surrounded me.  No one could get in.

I put my bags down, thanking the staff who had waited on me showing me around as they dismissed themselves. 

It wasn’t new to me having staff to do anything at my every whim but it didn’t make me any more comfortable with it.  I enjoyed being independent and I hoped to enjoy some independence while I was staying here. 

I took a shower after my long flight and with my towel wrapped around my drying body I went to look in the fridge.  As expected I found what I was looking for, cold coca cola, chocolate, and fried chicken.  The three c’s I chuckled to myself. 

I helped myself to a can, a plate of chicken and settled on the large plush sofa in the middle of the room and the TV, enjoying the calm and peace I finally felt after being around so many other people for so long.


Usually when I had a break I would see my family or take them with me on trips.  This time I just had the overwhelming urge to be alone.  They were fine with it.  My only brother was married now and he was happy enough not to have the attention I brought with me around his family.  My parents were getting old and though I missed them and they missed me they were used to the life I had now.  I had been doing this almost 10 years after all. 

I fell into an easy sleep with the tv on low and the chicken bones piled high on a very expensive looking plate.



The next day I decided to rest in the sunshine.  Swim in the pool, read, and listen to the music I wanted to for a change.  Around midday the maid bowed her way in asking permission to clean which I allowed happily.  Everyone who was working in the villa was held to a confidentiality agreement to not tell anyone who was staying in the villas.  If they were found to have brought attention to the guests they were fired.  It sounded harsh but this was the life of the rich and the famous. 

I thanked the woman very much before she bowed her way out.  I always found the nicer you were to the staff working for you, the better they would be at doing what you wanted to.  Mainly keeping you or whatever, you were doing a secret.  I had a friend who found this out the hard way.  

I made sure to be friendly with everyone from the driver, to the security man, to the maid.  Tip them well.  Not just for my own gain but it was how I was brought up to be.  Generous with the people around me.  Money didn’t really mean anything after all. 


I napped throughout the afternoon while it was too hot to be outside.  I woke up around 5.30, jumping in the shower, rinsing the swimming pool off me and called for the chef to prepare something for me.  I had requested two types of chefs. A special Korean only chef who could provide me with anything I wanted from home, and an Indonesian chef specialising in Indonesian and western cuisine.  Tonight though I would have something from home. 

I settled on the terrace that looked over the beach watching the sun go down as I was served my favourite Gajamisikhae (spicy fermented flatfish).  I listened to some soft music and I flicked through the pages in my tablet while I waited. 

I was trying to write my own material for my next album.  I had been writing down anything and everything that came into my mind.  It was the first time I had been allowed such creative freedom over my own music and I wanted to get it right.  I wanted it to convey growth.  Maturity and I wanted it to be me through and through.  I was having a hard time being inspired though what with being busy and exhausted all the time. 

I watched as the sun set and felt very peaceful as a light breeze blew through my faded blue hair.  It really was beautiful here, I thought to myself, taking in the swaying palm trees and the vast white perfect beach.  I watched in the far distance as someone cleared up chairs and I could hear distant noise from what looked like a restaurant quite a way down the beach.  There was almost no one around on my part of the beach.  The occasional person walked by but no one looked up into the villa at me.  I always enjoyed myself watching the world go by, often wondering what it would be like to be one of those people in the crowd.  One of the normal people, someone who’s name wasn’t instantly recognised in half the world.  I envied them.  Their normality, their easy lives.  All I had known since I was 13 was fame.  All I had known was the industry and the work.  I didn’t know normal.  I wished I could meet someone normal.  Everyone I knew was either a celebrity, and the majority of those, especially women, were extremely vain and pretentious, or they were very rich in some way or another in which case they thought they owned you. 

I felt like all I had were my band members, and close friends in other bands who did the same as me, or my family.  It was lonely really.  No one tells you it is going to feel so lonely being cut off from talking to anyone you liked in the street or being shoved as fast as possible into a vehicle for fear of you being harmed by a million people who had waited all night to see you walk outside.  Ok maybe not a million people but you get the idea. 

I wanted to have a real friend.  Someone not connected to the business at all.  Someone who had a normal job and a normal life.  If I’m honest I wanted a girlfriend.  I had never had a serious, honest to god relationship with someone in my life.  I was woefully inexperienced with women.  I had girlfriends for show, or dates with certain celebrities who got in touch with my managers, but needless to say nothing ever felt real. 

I sighed to myself the wind caressing my face as I laid my head in my crossed arms on the fence and watched as the moon began to shine on the waves lightly lapping at the beach. 

No I’d never meet a normal woman.  I was too shy to go up to anyone, and I’d be too scared she would know me.  Besides when I did and she found out who I was and what I did (if she didn’t know already) she would change.  They all would.  Money and fame changes people in the worst way possible. 


I snapped out of my stupor as my phoned buzzed hard on the table.  Reaching out I saw a message from Minho asking how peaceful would it be if he gate crashed my holiday.  He was teasing.  He knew I would be gutted and irritated at him coming here.  Besides I knew he was busy himself.  He had gone to visit family and then he was taking them away somewhere in Southern Europe. 

I text back playfully: If you gate crash I will not be held responsible for my actions. 

He text a silly emoji back and followed up with: Don’t fall down the rabbit hole Alice. 

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