Violet Silk

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In a world where omegas were treated like possessions, Kyungsoo thought that despite being an omega, being born in the royal family could save him from that fate, he couldn't have been more wrong...
He was arranged to marry or better said sold to King jongin and while many people envied him for being In that position, he couldn't see it from their point of view.



The story takes place in a historical universe. Kyungsoo is the third and youngest Prince of his country while jongin is a king who is older than him.

Pairing: Alpha Jongin, Omega Kyungsoo 

Please check this link out if it's your first time reading an omegaverse!au.



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Many thanks to my amazing friend cm0nster who is kindly betaing the fiction.

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Chapter 13: Nooooooooooooo
I just found this wonderful story but it ends on the most interesting part. I'm crying :((((((((
Wait for the next chapter
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Chapter 13: You're back huhuhu
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congrats on getting featured ♡
SheraSaavedra #4
Chapter 13: update pls :(
SheraSaavedra #5
Chapter 7: What happened at the ending???
Chapter 6: first alcove conversation: failed XDDDDDDD
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Chapter 5: you are forgiven hahahahaha
Chapter 4: hahahaha there was a big party.
Chapter 3: woah!! congrats... I guess hahahahaha I hope I can understand everything.