Risk Vs Reward


After growing up some and getting used to her new superstar life, Taeyeon finally admits to herself what the fans have already known for years.  


Poster by nerdzombie39


I'm also TaeKNEE on SFF, my story is also posted here if you don't have an AFF account.



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taenyxotaelovesfany #1
Chapter 21: Ohhmyy gosh I keep giggling and squealing reading this hahaha
Yulsic so cute I cant--- ugh my feelsヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
taenyxotaelovesfany #2
Chapter 17: I love this so much ಥ⌣ಥ i hope yulsic will bloom soon.
taenyxotaelovesfany #3
Chapter 16: AAAAAAHH yulsic so kawaiii(≧∇≦)/
taenyxotaelovesfany #4
Chapter 12: I cried shet
iamyoong #5
Chapter 5: This is mind blowing;)
iamyoong #6
Chapter 4: This is wow, seems so real.... I wonder if it really happened?/haha i don't know anymore sorry if i just posted my comment, this story is just killing me^^
Chapter 27: Wow. Just wow. *clap clap clap clap*
Amazing fic!!!
And I wish it was real -- not the SNSD disbandment but the slowly coming acceptance of Korea towards the LGBT community. Thank you for the fic, author-nim!!!
Chapter 23: Sica...please........stop this Sica effect omo.
Chapter 16: ............Wait...........what's wrong with Sica??? Is she gay for Yuri or something? I FEEL SO LOST!??!
Chapter 13: Tae asking Fany what she wants is so cute cuz I think she actually does that IRL LOL. Like when Fany told her she wanted a necklace on her bday. :))