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Possible couples IRL + gay/bi male kpop idols IMO

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Poll: Help me in choosing what to write next? :)

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An idea for a YunJae story

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Mommy, daddy having an affair!

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So I watched DBSK's Dangerous Love. and this is what I think of Jaejoong

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My 12 latest YunJae,OT5 + Jaejoong edits :)

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my very favorite moment of YUNJAE

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fics n comments

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fic search! yunjae

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YUNJAE~ /ask the fortune teller/

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Yunho's VOICE???....

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jaejoong's tweet

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Recommend me some poster shops?

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I'm still here.....

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First Days Back.... and ?

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New fanfic being drafted. AGAIN?

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Future fan fic...

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So sad

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I need Sherlock!

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Help again

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