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Yunjae show

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Which pairing will I write?

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a heart with no name (score card)

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Summer and an ending story

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my new yunjae friend

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Fic Search

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30-day YunJae challenge

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yunjae update!

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Poll :)

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subscribers only...?

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Yunjae Dream

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YunJae Fanfic Search Hellllppp! >.

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dating rumor

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Who is your favourite author and favourite story?

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Be Fair!

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Yunjae Examples for HW?

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Yunjae; still the best couple to write for!

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Why so many mpreg?

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UknowMix Present's - Breeding Butterfly For Now XD

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Trailer for My Brother's Keeper and Hyung, Saranghae!!

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what are all these yunjae feelings ? ? ?

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It Had To Be You Author

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lost a fiction :(

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