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See you soon, Yunho! #wewillwaitforyunho

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Mad Love Chapter 4

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Help me find this YunJae Fic

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You recced me

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"The patient from hell" sequel?

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suzy's thoughts and information about updates

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Resume update by August

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nearly finished writing chapter 17 for reaching for your heart.

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Circling Fireflies Mad Love Gif

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reaching for your heart update.

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Circling Fireflies Mad Love Poster

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My very first yunjae trailer for sweet seduction

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Is Yunjae still alive?

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Hey Guys ^-^

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This made me laugh but it's shouldn't

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Selling yunjae novel for charity :)

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untitled confession

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Popular Authors

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YunJae in Cliche Stories, Jaejoong being portrayed as pathetic and spineless weakling, etc.

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