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The HeartBreaker

A guy who suddenly needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while... And a girl who needs money and to clean up her bad girl image... Suddenly meets each other at the famous Seoul Institute of the Arts school. Is this fate? Let’s find out~

I Like You

BySHINee_blingbling updated
CharactersJustine Wang, Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, Park Jinyoung/JR, Im Jaebeom/JB, Choi Youngjae, Kim Yugyeom, and Bam Bam
With22 chapters, 14 votes, 35 comments

          Justine had always lived with her single mother in Britain, even sometimes visiting her cousin in Hong Kong. The only thing she hates right now is living in Korea with the father she barely even know. She meets her cousin from Hong Kong and his best friends. What happens Justine might have a little crush on her cousin's best friend and the feeling's mutual?    


Byohbibi updated
Charactersonew key jonghyun shinee bap youngjae
With5 chapters, 2 votes, 16 subscribers, 520 views, 13 comments

Kim Kibum, better known as Key, was a young TV-lover. He knew every single TV channel and every single TV show. But one day, a new TV show called "MBCgames" airs. The program was a really tough game show with many games. It was nice, but Key was attracted to the young handsome presenter, Lee Jinki, better known as Onew. As the cutie kept explaining the rules, Key decided to participate to the show as a contestant and maybe confess to him on TV...?

Disabled Heart

ByRedGuitarist updated
CharactersAhn Hyejeong (OC), Yoo Youngjae (BAP), Choi Jong Hyun (Teen Top)
With1 subscribers, 40 views

People are born with five capabilities - To see, hear, speak, touch and love However, these capabilities are always being taken for granted. Let's make use of your imagination h

Last Wish.

Byexokaiotic updated
CharactersOC, Youngjae
With3 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments

Every individual will have their own wish, whether or not it is possible to be fulfilled. This is a story of a girl diagnosed with a brain tumor. She don’t have much time left, but she has this one wish that she really hope could be fulfilled. What is it? Will it be fulfilled in the end? How will it turn out?  

Bumping Into Love

ByIMeMyandMine updated
CharactersYongguk YoungJae Yongnam Natasha
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 7 subscribers, 280 views, 4 comments

YoungJae decides to stay back for a bit after class and finds Yongguk talking to one of his old professors he sticks around to see how things end and he ends up bumping into Yongguk

Suicide is Painless.

Bykamikazepigeon updated
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 220 views, 5 comments

Daehyun and Youngjae are soldiers in the Korean War.

The Adventure of 4 Girls in TS Entertainment

ByMelody_Baby updated
CharactersZelo Daehyun Yongguk Himchan Jongup Youngjae BTOB
With33 chapters, 4 votes, 37 subscribers, 2250 views, 39 comments

4 best friends started out making YouTube videos of their dancing, singing, and just randomness. One day, one of the members give their first YouTube video to TS Entertainment and now all 4 of them are signed with TS Entertainment. Who said life as a star would come easy? Drama from relationships to family issues and hospital visits to rehersal mayhem. Will the path to stardom make or break this group of best friends? Who will go to the hospital and why? Who ends up with who? And who would


Bychangster24 updated
CharactersYoungjae & Jinyoung
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 320 views, 3 comments

Youngjae fell in love with Jinyoung as he kept listening to the soft voice and piano.

Seven Month Trainee

Bysai5o4 updated
CharactersChoi Youngjae, Im Jaebum (JB), Park Jin Young (Jr.), Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom, Bambam
With5 chapters, 6 votes, 100 subscribers, 1300 views, 33 comments

Choi Youngjae has just auditioned for JYP Entertainment.  His talent is recognized and he is chosen as the last member of JYPE's upcoming boy group, set to debut in January 2014.  Youngjae's shy personality, and the fact that he's only been a trainee for a couple of weeks, worries him over his ability to assimilate with the group members.  Nonetheless, he's determined to prove to himself that he's worthy to be a part of the group.

Good Things Happen on Friday

Bygreasytree updated
Charactersdaehyun youngjae yongguk
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 13 subscribers, 400 views, 5 comments

  daehyun has no game.

Craved Warmth

Byan0nymouswriter updated
CharactersDaehyun, Youngjae, Yongguk, Zelo
With1 chapters, 7 votes, 3 comments

Youngjae could not fall asleep and he is annoyed. He also craves for a certain warmth to lull him to a goodnight's slumber.


Byinertia updated
CharactersDaehyun, Youngjae, B.A.P
With1 votes, 18 subscribers, 160 views

On the 24th of January, 2009, Yoo Youngjae finally turns eighteen. On the 24th of January, 2009, Jung Daehyun arranges to meet Yoo Youngjae, his closest friend, at their old middle school to celebrate. On the 24th of January, 2009, Yoo Youngjae gets into a car accident and passes on. On the 24th of January, 2009, Jung Daehyun begs every single entity out there to turn back the time and let the love of his life live.   On the 24th of January, 2009, with

Two Men and Their Dictionaries

Bygreasytree updated
Charactersyoungjae daehyun jonggup
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 10 subscribers, 320 views, 4 comments

  his coworker is useless and sometimes students can be the worst, but Youngjae swears he doesn't hate his job.

Please Remember Me. .

ByaYien-oYien updated
With20 chapters, 1100 views, 13 comments

She deserves happiness but he broke her heart . And now all that left is pain . The pain that she doesnt't want want to remember. "I Love you, Please Remember Me" "Remember Us" - Yongguk "I Will Protect You, I Promise." "I Love you, I Will Make You Mine" - Youngjae   CHARACT

Scent of A Woman

ByBFInspirit20 updated
CharactersDaehyun, B.A.P, Krystal, F(x), Dara, Thunder, DBSK
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 18 subscribers, 540 views, 5 comments

"I think we have Busans's first female serial killer among us...".     ~    

ain't even grey

Byinertia updated
CharactersDaehyun, Youngjae, B.A.P
With2 chapters, 17 votes, 29 subscribers, 910 views, 17 comments


Student Teacher

Byalftnsba updated
CharactersEunji, Mark, Youngjae, Got7
With10 chapters, 5 votes, 45 subscribers, 850 views, 23 comments

Mark Tuan, finally entering his final year of High School. Since it is his final year it's not like anything major's going to happen right? Enter Jung Eunji, the class's new student teacher. When Mark first sees her, his heart starts beating and he can't take his eyes off of her. Well crap. but something weird seems to be happeing with youngjae at the same

Give me!!!!

ByAli_hyung updated
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 7 subscribers, 350 views, 4 comments

Daehyun wants Youngjae but the lattep keeps pushing him to no end. Daehyun loves food. But Youngjae don't like to share his food.


Bycheet0s updated
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 190 views, 2 comments

To say he was excited would be an understatement. It wasn’t everyday that he got to follow his dreams; playing on a sunny court, feeling the grip rub on his fingers, the soft bounce of the ball, and ending it with the satisfying feeling of winning a set. It was much more exhilarating than spending days and hours on end in the confines of classrooms and private schools.  

Maybe Next Time

Bycantooth updated
CharactersIm Jaebum, Choi Youngjae
With1 chapters, 4 votes, 12 subscribers, 1 comments

“It’s quick and painless. But, I’m not a fan of option number one.”

Why I love him?

Bylalazora-chi updated
Charactersyoungjae jackson got7 jackjae
With2 votes, 25 subscribers, 210 views, 3 comments

"Why do you love him?" It was a question Jackson isn't sure how to answer it, because sometimes, when he looks at his boyfriend, he didn't know either.  

People Like You

ByNrandomlywritesK updated
CharactersBang Yongguk, Rae (O.C), B.A.P
With10 chapters, 1 votes, 25 subscribers, 10 comments

One misunderstanding leads to another. But maybe sometimes ‘mistakes’ bring us where we ought to be. “The earth needs more people like you” “Someone like you…” “Maybe you’re just the one I’ve been looking for.”

B.A.B.Y ~♥

ByJellyGums updated
With31 chapters, 4 votes, 71 subscribers, 19 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Selena is a very sweet, kind, playful and down-to-earth girl. She moved to Seoul, Korea, her dream country, after something happened to her back home.  

3 pieces of Chicken

ByKimHyunie3 updated
CharactersDaehyun, Youngjae, the rest of BAP
With3 subscribers, 100 views

3 pieces of chicken is what it takes to change Daehyun