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Conflict Resolution (Where I Found You)

Taehyung's somewhat of a pushover and Yoongi's got issues, all kinds of issues. Taegi


By kelabjaime Updated
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 70 subscribers, 2560 views, 12 comments

Emotions following a logical path will never be truly accepted by another's heart. We learn to embrace and then to express emotions adhering to the lines of society's normality. If so, how is the emotions conveyed and received first hand any different from capturing it through the lens? How many of us have eyes who honestly reflect our true emotions? A moonsun fic surrounding the above points.  Comments, subscriptions and views are greatly appreciated. 

White Sand

By mysteryM39 Updated
Characters Moonsun, Moonbyul/Solar etc...
With 6 chapters, 4 votes, 148 subscribers, 1760 views, 31 comments
Status Subscribers Only

She spent so many years in an  island untouched by humans but inhabitant by her. How can a young girl survived in an island surrounded by untamed wild animals, away from civilization and deprived by other human existence. Not until the day she found her laying on the white sand almost lifeless...

The CEO's Daughter

By sofiazxc23 Updated
Characters Solar, Yongsun, Moonbyul, Byul, Wheein, Hwasa, Hyejin, OC, Jaehee
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 100 views

After living in the US with her mother for most of her lifetime, Jaehee is sent to Korea to live with her father for 1 whole year. Trying to accustom to her father's lifestyle, Jaehee ends up meeting four different females, each who soon became fond of her.

soft [sun side]

By spacedouche Updated
Tags moonsun
Characters solar moonbyul
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 130 views, 3 comments

it wasn’t a world she expected herself to be in

woo hoo

By Monstarlove Updated
Tags hwasa moonsun
Characters MoonByul, Solar, Krystal, Hwasa, Wheein, Tae Hyung,Hani
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 48 subscribers, 1810 views, 21 comments

My Hometown

By Sammeup Updated
With 4 chapters, 4 votes, 51 subscribers, 830 views, 18 comments

In a radio talk show, Wheein admitted that she loved both singing and drawing. She struggled in deciding her career because of this, but decided to pursue in singing and keep drawing as a hobby. But what if it was the other way around?  

soft [moon side]

By spacedouche Updated
Tags moonsun
Characters moonbyul solar
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 6 subscribers, 150 views, 2 comments

surely, she would have fallen alone

Mírame solo a mi

By Luckless Updated
Characters Moon byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Lee Min Hyuk y Eric Nam mínimamente, otros idols.
With 12 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 610 views, 10 comments

 Solar dándose Cuenta de Sus sentimientos por la mayor girl  Crush. XD

What a night

By GoldBlackSilver Updated
Characters Solar, Moonbyul, Eric Nam
With 9 chapters, 1 votes, 44 subscribers, 1450 views, 16 comments

Sad werewolf story.

Your Stories

By Moonsunforever Updated
Characters Moonbyul, Wheein, Solar/Yongsun
With 22 chapters, 3 votes, 62 subscribers, 4170 views, 54 comments

Yo my yebas, I was thinking of a way to say thank you to all my readers and subscribers so as a way of repaying you peeps I thought hey let them control your stories. 

Is This A Love Story?

By Moonsunforever Updated
Tags moonsun
Characters Moonbyul, Solar, Other Kpop Idols
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 60 subscribers, 1870 views, 26 comments

Moonbyul had MANY friends in her school, some calling her popular and known but she didn't really care and just try's to be nice to people. Even though she had many friends there was one girl that never left her mind... they use to be close friends as close as they could get but after the year that byul left everything changed. But now she's back... back for Yongsun.

A Bittersweet Revenge

By mysteryM39 Updated
Characters Byul, Yongsun/Solar, Krystal, Yeonjoo, Wheein, Hwasa, kisum redvelvet
With 19 chapters, 5 votes, 327 subscribers, 6680 views, 88 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Byul and Yongsun became Bestfriend since they bumped unto each other during thier first day on class when they were still in third grade. During their Junior years a lot of things change; from raging hormones, feelings and lies have caused their friendship and  emotions to shattered.What will be lingered in their hearts after 8 long years?Hate or Love?          

Third Way of Love

By lilfler Updated
Characters Mamamoo, Kim Yongsun, Moon Byulyi, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin
With 6 chapters, 6 votes, 74 subscribers, 1330 views, 32 comments

She fell in love with her, when she still doesn't know who is she. She wants to give her everything, except that she needs time. She said: Don't think about the future, let me think about that. She said: I don't want the future, I only want the present. Can it really be done? 

Let's not fall in love

By whoosh Updated
Characters Kim Yong Sun | Moon Byul Yi | Jung Whee In | Ahn Hye Jin
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 217 subscribers, 1090 views, 2 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A one-shot moonsun fic I made based on Let's not fall in love by Big Bang! <3 


By Piano_man Updated
Characters Sehun||moonbyul||solar||hwasa||wheein||xiumin
With 1 chapters, 49 subscribers, 360 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

what if you give a second chance to live again in 30 days?

If Only You Knew

By ThisIsWhyINeedYou Updated
Characters Solar, Eric Nam, Moonbyul, Wheein, Hwasa, Ailee, Amber, Henry
With 16 chapters, 110 subscribers, 4260 views, 29 comments

Eric is in love with Solar. And in the middle of wondering whether Eric likes her or not, Solar discovers new unfamiliar feelings for him. And then there's  Moonbyul. Initially based loosely on the We Got Married preview for Part 2 of the Chuseok Gathering, The story followed the wgm episodes closely with my take on what they were thinking and some of the behind the scences moments (Until chapter 10). But now that WGM

Forever? or Nah?

By Bluepink_taeny Updated
Characters Chou Tzuyu Kim Sowon Moon Byulyi Hwang SinB Son Chaeyoung Minatozaki Sana Jung Eunha Kim Yongsun Choi Yuju Myoui Mina
With 17 chapters, 1 votes, 202 subscribers, 2680 views, 20 comments
Status Subscribers Only

This is a story about 5 girls who thought forever doesn't exist, but what would happen if they meet the girls who would change their life or even maybe make them beleive it does exist.        

Was I Dreaming?

By themoonishers Updated
Characters Moon Byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin
With 19 chapters, 34 votes, 827 subscribers, 14610 views, 240 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

[CONTENTID1]For nearly 18 years of living, Moon Byul Yi has never failed to hide her interest in females. Crushing on them from afar has been an fairly easy task for her. But what if one time, her crush actually likes Byul as well? Nah, something like that only happens in fiction stories...or did it really? It was like a dream come true.

The Last Dance

By son-juyeon Updated
Characters moonbyul // yongsun
With 1 chapters, 660 views
Status Completed

“No.” I pried your hands away from mine and walked slowly away from you.  It took a bit of a while to take my eyes off you because apparently, I was going to miss them.  I imagined doing this again the next time, but as you suddenly met me with those pleading eyes I thought there will never be another time for us.   - - -

High School Drama

By jackoro Updated
With 1 chapters, 65 subscribers, 380 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

One Shots? Drabbles? Nope just a random story with a random plot. This will feature many ships btw in a high school setting as an AU.