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The HeartBreaker

A guy who suddenly needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while... And a girl who needs money and to clean up her bad girl image... Suddenly meets each other at the famous Seoul Institute of the Arts school. Is this fate? Let’s find out~

Fairy Tail High

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CharactersPlease look in the scond page XD ^.^
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Students from Fairy Tail High tried to find out the mysterious behind the murders. Can they solve the problems caused by the murderers? Find out about that by reading this story.

Yu Yu Hakusho S.C. : Dark Tournament Saga

ByImaniaMargria updated
Charactershiei kurama yusuke kuwabara botan
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To save his sister from the dangers in his life, Kurama leaves her behind, but fate has different plans them. Guided by the love for her brother, Kimika searches long and hard for her brother finding herself in the middle of the infamous dark tournament. Danger, treachery, and new allies lurk around every corner for Kimika and Team Urameshi along with deep secrets and phantoms from many of the members pasts. 

Flavor of Life :: Uchiha Sasuke

Byrenukizawa updated
CharactersUchiha Sasuke, Okami Sai
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Her decision was a bit reckless, yet determined to do so; despite some small arguments between her and the raven haired male. But she needs to do it, for the sake of her beloved; even if it means of staying away from the one she love.   Uchiha Sasuke x OC [Kanashiwa Haruhi]

❝protect us, your children。— entrance exam registration tba

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Characterschosen applicants x idols
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❝protect us, your children。 by baby_1004


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    opened on the 020814.

Inukashi and Kamikashi

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Chapter 1 “The Beginning of Everything”   Once upon a time there was a guy called Inukashi he was half warrior and half human his Dad was one of the Strongest warrior & his mom was the Prettiest Women in the Village              Inukashi has three friends that always travel with him and he likes

Cool & Simple~ Short Anime Recommendations

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Pathway to Recover

ByKarinakamichi updated
CharactersToshiro Hitsugaya, Rangiku Matsumoto
With1 chapters, 30 views

While Rangiku is pondering Gin's last words, Hitsugaya comforts her in his own way. Cute fanfic idea I came up with.

Sticks and Stones

ByKarinakamichi updated
CharactersAmerica, Canada, France, England, Japan
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||| Sticks and sticks may break my bones, but words can hurt the most ||| He wished more than anything to go back, and take back those acursed words. He wanted nothing more than to show America that he was sorry, and no matter what, he was willing to make up for it, regardless of how long it took. But the question was, would America even accept his apology? Is there more to this than meets the eye? AmeriPan Friendship. No Pairings. Includes some wonderful scenes with Japan. This will focus on

Brothers Complex

Bydeaarianti updated
CharactersEXO and OC
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What happens if you have to stay with 12 handsome guys in the house?    This fanfic is inspired from the anime "Brother's Conflict"     Poster by Sugar_Rush (

Priscy123's Anime Writing Competition

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CharactersFeaturing: Tokyo Ghoul
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Love anime? Love manga? Want to express through fanfiction writing? Feeling up for a bit of competition? Want prizes? Then this is the place for you. Welcome to Priscy123's Anime Writing Competition, featuring Tokyo Ghoul. O

Music Heals All

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After the death of thier father, older brother and younger brother Alice and her sister Asuka and brother Yuu recently transfer to Toho Gakuen School of Music in Osaka Japan. After an accident that claimed the life of some of her family Alice gave up playing music. With the help of her siblings and new friends, will Alice work up the courage to play once again. 


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CharactersLUKEA(luke-ki-ah), LAVI(lah-v), Jameah(jame-ah), Ren, Sanjaii
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Three worlds stand in existence as the Spirit World, Demon World, and the Magician's World. Seventeen years old, Lukea, is an absolutely strange spirit, that is half demon of a Thorny Dragon or Thorny Devil, and also possesses powers of the regular magician, which counts him as a wizard. The three w

「 ❝とき... ⋮ when love strikes ❞ 」— apply open。

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Characters〈 : all the oc's o/
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False Realities

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Life is not made of one path, nor is it made by paths that are obvious. It is made of winding roads that lead to dead ends, where people find themselves trapped and die, unable to find meaning in life. It is made of convoluted lanes that seem to have no end, as if life itself intends to drag out the resignation and regrets that each and everyone of us has tucked away deep within ourselves. It is made of an infinite amount of interconnected avenues that cross boundaries and walls, forcing peop

Anime - Sad /Crying / Depressing / Emotional / GIF / Photos

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For all Anime fans out there !!   ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!  

╎✖ 青の祓魔師 ━ THE RETURN OF SATAN : apply soon.

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Applyfic Collaboration Anyone?

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so this will be pretty straightforward and ugly, cause i can't really do much on mobile coughs so the backstory is that i want to write an applyfic and the problem is, i don't have anyone to write with and i'm 200% sure that i can't solo this because i suck monkey balls.  i was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate and write an applyfic with me? i was thinking of writing an exo-centric fic because i'm a turd and you can't rea

Konoha Private Academic

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CharactersPlease look in the scond page XD ^.^
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A boy named Uzumaki Naruto, who is in love with a girl named Haruno Sakura. But Sakura is engaged to Uchiha Sasuke, who is her father's bestfriend/ partner 's son. Will Naruto and Sakura end their relationship or not? Find out about that in this story.

Anime & K-Pop fanarts ^.^

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Charactersanime characters, kpop related characters or logos.
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My first fanfic is in another hiatus becuz I keep forgetting to take my exercise book at my grandma's house.IthinkIhaveseriousamnesiaatsuchayoungage!!! By the way, I have a few rules before I start posting the pictures. It'll be mentioned in the foreword section.

Graphics Gallery

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