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Joshua was more than surprised to find his ultimate crush, Park Hayun, knocking on his door in the middle of the night. It was like a dream, except for the fact that he was entirely conscious, his intruder though, not so much.


By chickyungsoup Updated
Characters oh sehun and byun baekhyun
With 3 chapters, 8 subscribers, 210 views

Sehun is an author under pressure about a new book with a deadline and Baekhyun is his artist boyfriend. They always find a way to inpsire each other.  


By HatNoona Updated
Characters vixx, sanghyuk, hongbin, hakyeon, ken, leo, kyungsoo
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 40 views

“Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.”  ― 

Leap Day

By B2stFan3 Updated
Characters You, Jeon Jungkook, Moon Bin, Kim Mingyu
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 42 subscribers, 920 views, 10 comments

  We all know what happens every 4 years; February 29 pops up out of no where and throws everyone off. Birthdays messed up, ages, days of the week.

Life (Love) Partner

By onyuuu Updated
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 80 views, 1 comments

When love has been considered a sickness since The War, Tao finds that he might have the disease. Warning(s): Dystopian au, mild angst (but not really), broken!Krisoo

Breakfast at Taemin's. [Oneshot]

By WhisperLucifer_ Updated
Characters Taemin, Jongin.
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 9 subscribers, 410 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

Jongin stops dead in the hallway, halfway through shrugging off his coat, “I’m sorry did I hear that right, I thought I heard you say you were cooking.”

The Name I Loved

By KpopFangirl1008 Updated
Characters Onew, Ary(OC), Shinee
With 19 chapters, 6 votes, 76 subscribers, 4360 views, 32 comments

A beautiful high school romance blossoms between two teens who both never expected it to happen, Yet, they also never expected it to cause such a rift in their personal lives...   ↓PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING STORY↓ STARTED 2/2/14 HAD THIS IDEA SINCE 2013 THO This story is already finished, I am just copying and pasting the

Someday We'll Know

By n4oK0_ Updated
With 22 chapters, 6 votes, 295 subscribers, 4640 views, 92 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Title : Someday We’ll Know Pairing : Wonkyu, Yunjae, more to come Genre : Romance, Angst, Family Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God Warning : Un-betaed, Genderswitch, a little mention of drugs used, Several OC, a rather fast plot, AU Summary : Where is happiness? Only youself could answer that  


By redsonder Updated
Characters Nct Ten, Johnny, Oc
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 15 subscribers, 290 views, 3 comments

In a futuristic society where artificial intelligence live amongst us and robots are mass-produced as an alternative for cheap labour, the only way to tell a human and robot apart is by spotting the unnatural iridescence of a robot's eye.

(3 Hearts - 1 Love)

By RandoMindeD Updated
Characters Donghae | Hyukjae
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 39 subscribers, 1140 views, 23 comments

When Donghae's girlfriend asked him to meet her little brother, his only concern was to make a good impression on the sixteen year-old teenager. As for Hyukjae, he just wanted to make sure his sister was in good hands. Whatever happened after they met, was definitely not part of the plan.

When I became you

By swaggypenguinz Updated
With 5 chapters, 7 subscribers, 220 views, 4 comments

Byun Baekhyun is convinced that he's able to do pretty much anything, and one day insists that being a girl is much easier. So what happens when he switches body with his close friend Lin? Will he be proven wrong?

Wild Rose

By fanfictionado Updated
Characters Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin, Onew + Others
With 9 chapters, 4 votes, 77 subscribers, 3180 views, 28 comments

Imagine having your world ripped away from you, the only person you have leaving you unwillingly. How would you live on, how would you start collecting the shards of your torn heart and put it back together? What if you completely lose sight of the light, the only thing that made it able for you to b

OC Shots

By Unstoppable4ce Updated
Characters {Original Character|K-POP Idols}
With 1 chapters, 50 subscribers, 330 views
Status Subscribers Only

He knows

By Jxin1016 Updated
Characters got7mark, oc
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 170 views, 6 comments

He knows how hard it was for her. He knows she can't do this alone. He knows and he vows to himself - he will be there for her; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do them part. But behold this story- it'll indeed be a happy one. Just like the fairytales


By Draconixia Updated
Characters Yongguk, Daehyun, Himchan, Youngjae, Junhong, Jongup
With 4 chapters, 20 subscribers, 470 views, 3 comments

That's it, she left him. Daehyun struggled to finally get over her but one day, someone came into his life. Daehyun thought he could finally be happy with him but why had he hit rock bottom? Why had he been deceived?


By Chencing_Machine Updated
Characters Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, other EXO appearances
With 15 chapters, 13 votes, 172 subscribers, 3570 views, 34 comments

Jongin is looking for permanent residency, and Kyungsoo just so happens to be looking for a roommate.

The Home We Used to Know

By TheNewerCancer Updated
Characters Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Min Yoongi
With 1 chapters, 40 views

Six-year-old Jungkook lives in Hawaii with his mom, dad, and older brother Jin. He lives a quiet island life, that is, until the waves bring him a strange boy named V, who claims to be an alien that crash landed on Earth. Jungkook's family takes hi

The One(s) who got away...

By myownlilbubble Updated
Characters seungri, gdragon, top, daesung, taeyang
With 11 chapters, 3 votes, 98 subscribers, 1530 views, 9 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"...In the end, it was not meant to be..."

of white sheets and dreams

By mayfair Updated
With 14 subscribers, 200 views

  in which jungkook talks a lot in his sleep and taehyung is his roommate.    

Lilacs for The Angel

By vanillasoul257 Updated
Characters Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won
With 3 chapters, 6 votes, 120 subscribers, 2570 views, 26 comments

Song Hye Kyo is an angel. Literally.  One of the best angels sent to guide and guard people's souls in South Korea, she always got serious duties, and felt tired of it.  For once, she asked for "an easy job". The Angel's Headquarter (yes, there is a headquarter for angels) gave her "an easy case". A handsome man who got cruelly betrayed by the woman he was planning to marry, until he nearly committed suicide. His name was Song Joong Ki.  Hye Kyo's mission was:


By citruspenguin Updated
Characters Chanyeol and Yixing
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 37 subscribers, 330 views, 5 comments

Chanyeol had no choice than asking help from a group of vampire in desperate need to heal his brother, Jongin. Little did he know they were not usual vampires. They’re Exotics—a special and dangerous kind of vampires hunted down by the government. And there was no way out from their dangerous charms, especially their Healer.

The Story of Us

By PurpleQuill Updated
Characters Byun Baekhyun || Kang Sohee
With 17 chapters, 12 votes, 139 subscribers, 2440 views, 55 comments
Status Subscribers Only

This story might be far from what I am supposed to be writing - a love story, but maybe I can give it a shot. Maybe it could be the story of us. It doesn’t matter what type of genre. Maybe romance? Or t

Anatomy of the Heart

By JustZoni Updated
Characters Eli Kim, Kevin Woo
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 410 views, 10 comments

Diagnosed with a dangerous heart condition that will require surgery, college sports star Eli Kim begins to wonder if this is the end of the road for his career and maybe even his life. Just when things seem their worst, hope comes in the form of unexpected friendship from an intruiging stranger at the hospital.


By 143JADORE Updated
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 110 comments
Status Completed