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Hi. Will you open the shop again?
Username: Lolitops_
Profile link:
Pairing/s: Hunhan, Xiulay (side characters Jongin, Krystal)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Flangst
Story name: Lucky Stars
Story link:
Story description (must not exceed 500 characters): Two young adults begin their path to reinclude themselves in the real world, one that they had been walled away from for almost 18 years. Their paths cross; one completely uninterested and the other intensely curious, but both share more likenesses than what they believe. Join these two helpless souls as they journey into the world of redemption, finding friendship, love and most importantly themselves through the help of falling desserts, wrong keys, alchohol, and of course, jokes.
Price Plan (ex BPP1/GPP5/MPP3): BPP2
Date: Sept 27

# Profile Name: exokaidolove69
# Profile link:
3# Amount Of Ads you are willing to do min and max: no min, max 1000
# Are you willing to take FULL or PART requests (i.e, Full would be if you want to do mega requests and entire to your self and part is if you want to advertise to only some of the request walls): no but i might change that if i notice i have the time for so many walls
# Date you are able to start: today