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libi ad

If you are looking for the best advertising deals out there, then you've come to the right place. 

This shop is for anyone and everyone looking to get their fic seen.

We are a target  specific shop, making sure that only those who are  most likely to sub to your fic see your ad and the recent restriction against spamming has made the job easier. Only those who want to receive your ads will receive them, read them, and be more likely to sub to your stories. This is a positive change that I personally have noticed since the new rules have been implemented regarding wall posts.

I will put down a list of all price plans and advertising bundles in the forward. Whenever I am done with a request,I will add it to your chapt with links to related blogs if there are any.  


As with any shop, this shop has rules. They are as follows:

1- Subscribe to request

2- Up votes are a must

3- Give me no less than a week to complete your request if it is a smaller than 250 but for the larger pp starting at 250 walls, I need a LOT more time. I'VE SET A TIME PERIOD OF HOW LONG IT SHOULD TAKE IF I HAVE OTHER REQUESTS TO COMPLETE AT THE TIME. YOU CAN SEE THE TIME PERIOD FOR EACH PRICE PLAN NEXT TO THE PP HEADINGS IN THE FORWARD.

4- Leave a comment in the comments section after filling in the request form I will be putting in the foreword.

5- Credit half the karma as a deposit before your request is started and the rest after your request is done. Always comment after crediting karma. 

6- Only gift deposit AFTER I have told you that your request has been added.

7. Make sure I am able to comment on your wall as I will let you know there when your request is done

8- You can only upgrade price plans, No down grades. 

9- If you upgrade a price plan, you must pay the balance of the deposit so that the deposit can equal half if the pp you upgraded to in total. E.g, if you have a pp of 250 karma the deposit is 125 karma. If you upgrade to a pp if 500 karma, you must add 125 karma to the deposit to make it equal 250; half of your upgraded pp of 500 karma.

10- Cancellations must be done before a status other than Pending... Is added behind your name on the Request List. If you see a status of "In progress..."; e.g.  60/2500 done; or "Sub's and up votes in progress..."; then that means I've started with you request so your best option is to pm me so we can discuss how far I am and how much of the dep you'll get back from that. 

11- Price plans are subject to change if a situation calls for it; if you req a pp before it changes, you are entitled to the benefits if the previous pp and not it's current version.

12- Credit the shop on your fics foreword or Description after request is done. Please add a link to this Shop as a credit on your fic.


Failure in complying to these rules will result in blacklisting from the shop.

For each request I will comment on the persons wall when I am about to begin, thereafter I will expect the deposit within a week before I delete your request. After you have deposited for your request, I will add you request as an official Req in the the Req List. 


Price Plans

SMALL PLANS (1 week)

SPP1: 10 walls for 10 karma; 1 subfor max 2 fics

SPP2: 25 walls for 25 karma; 2 sub for max 2 fics


---->Request Form<----

BLUE PLANS (1 week)

BPP1: 50 walls for 60 karma; 3 subs to max 2 fics

BPP2: 100 walls for 125 karma; 3 subs to max 2 fics

BPP3: 150 walls for 180 karma; 4 subs to max 2 fics

BPP4: 200 walls for 245 karma; 4 subs to max 2 fics


---->Request Form<----


GENERAL PLANS: (2 to 3 weeks)

GPP1: 250 walls for 400 karma; 5 sub's for 3 fics max

GPP2: 300 walls for 450 karma; 5 sub's for 3 fics max

GPP3: 350 walls for 500 karma; 5 sub's for 3 fics max

GPP4: 400 walls for 550 karma; 5 sub's for 3 fics max

GPP5: 500 walls for 650 karma; 6 subs for 4 fics max

GPP6: 750 walls for 900 karma; 6 Subs for 4 fics max

GPP7: 900 walls for 1050 karma: 6 Subs for 4 fics max

GPP8: 1000 walls for 1150 karma:7 subs for 4 fics max

GPP9: 1250 walls for 1400 karma; 7 Subs for 4 fics max

GPP10: 1450 walls for 1600 karma; 7 Subs for 4 fics max

***Note that if you chose a pp with a max number of up votes and sub's that exceeds the amount of fics you have, you will forfeit the remaining number if sub's and. Up votes because I cannot sub and up vite to something that doesn't exist.***


---->Request Form<----

MEGA PLANS: short to long term plans (1 to 3month)

MPP1: 1500 walls for 1750 karma; 7 sub's on 5 fics max; 1 up votes on 5 fics max

MPP2: 2000 walls for 2250 karma; 7 sub's on 5 fics max; 1 up votes on 5 fics max

MPP3: 2500 walls for 2750 karma; 8 sub's on 5 fics max; 1 up votes on 5 fics max

MPP4: 3000 walls for 3250 karma; 8 sub's on 5 fics max; 2 up votes on 10 fics max

MPP5: 4500 walls for 4800 karma; 9 sub's on 5 fics max; 2 up votes on 10 fics max

*** All Mega plans come with a free blog post**


---->Request Form<----


LIMITLES PLANS (long term plans 3 month to 6 months due to high volume of ads)

LPP1: 6000 walls for 6300 karma; 10 subs and 2 upvotes to ALL Fics.

LPP2: 7000 walls for 7400 karma; 10 subs and 2 upvotes to ALL Fics.

LPP3: 8000 walls for 8500 karma; 10 subs and 2 upvotes to ALL Fics.

LPP4: 9000 walls for 9600 karma; 10 subs and 2 upvotes to ALL Fics.

LPP5: 10 000 walls for 10 700 karma; 10 subs and 2 upvotes to ALL Fics.

***ALL LIMITLESS Plans get two free blog posts by two separate users. They also get featured for as long as it takes the shop to complete their request***

NOTE: Any reqs I get,regardless of quantity, will be done as quickly as possible. When requesting please consider that this shop specializes in high quantity reqs so if your req takes some time to be completed then its because of the high demand and quanity. Please be patient when requesting from this shop.^^

--​​​--->Request Form<-----



With regards to "Hiring"

I'm looking for quick and efficient advertisers who preferably have experience.

Benefits of job:

1) You get 75% of the karma for ALL FULL REQS you complete. E.g. if the req is for 6300 Karma you'll get 4725 out of 6300 karma after a tax of 25% is deducted by the shop.


1) PM me if you want to apply for the job

2) Send me a friend request

3) Sub to and upvote the shop

4) Await further instruction





Credit to the following;

For the lovely cover image and background







libi ad: featured author





here is the foreword for one of her most recent fics called:


It seems I'm... entering the same dark dream again...
“Are you coming in or not?” I hear a voice in the distance. It feels like my feet have been hammered to the ground as my body has stopped all motion at the prospect of having willing followed a possible kidnapping serial killer home. I look up to see him standing against the light of the front doorway to some house I can barely make out. All else is dark save for the light he’s standing in so the feeling that surrounds me is quite
ominous. I honestly want to run, I don’t even know where I’ll run, but going into this man’s house doesn’t feel like such a good idea at the moment. I stand there looking at his shadowed figure a bit longer; I weigh my options only to find that I really don’t have many options here. I have no choice but to go in if I don’t want to spend the night wandering around in the scary darkness.   I take one step towards him but then I stop. Is this really a good idea? Maybe not but I’m out of ideas here so I take another step, and another, and another until eventually I’m stepping in through the front door. At first the light that greets me is too bright for my eyes so I’m forced to shield them with my arm. I listen as I momentarily adjust myself to the brightness and my heart speeds
up at the sound of pure nothingness ringing in my ears. The air is stale in what appears to be a living room area – this indicated by what appears to be shabby and aged sofas to my right and wall paper that is just about to roll down the wall.   If my heart wasn’t audible before, it sure as hell is now as I turn to see him closing the door we entered through and locking it. I gulp down the lump that has formed in my mouth and the sound is so loud that he looks at me and laughs wickedly. He easily reads the fear in my expression.



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