I'm his girl...BUT I THINK HE'S GAY! (Sequel to I'm a girl...BUT HE THINKS I'M GAY!)

"How did you know that Jinyoung guy?" L.Joe asked as he eyed Jinyoung who had fixed his gaze on Mi Hye since the first time he saw her.

"I knocked into him when we were at Super Junior's comeback stage at Music Bank." Mi Hye replied. She smiled up at him. "I didn't expect him to be a celebrity too, and more so our new roommate! This is such a coincidence!"

L.Joe smiled half-heartedly and patted her head. *Coincidence my foot. I wish he never came. The way he's looking at my girl is horrifyingly disturbing.*

The four of them made their way to the room they were going to share. Mi Hye blushed slightly when the door opened to show how messy the room was.

In fact, she was the one who caused the mess. She was clumsy and knocked down things all the time, forgot where she placed her stuff and forgot to put them back. L.Joe was the one who would have to clean up behind her, but he didn't mind.

But since L.Joe had been rather disturbed over his new side, he didn't have time to clean up and the room looked like a total mess.

"Uh." Mi Hye blushed. "It's rather messy..But this is our new room!" she cheered.

Gongchan took a double take and puffed his cheeks confusedly. "So before we came, you and L.Joe shared a room together?" he asked. "That's weird, that's like a husband and wife."

Mi Hye turned bright red while L.Joe looked away embarrassedly. "HAHAHA!" Mi Hye burst out and pushed Gongchan in. "Gongchan sshi you're so funny! I think the helpers will be here with the new beds and wardrobes soon so just wait."

Jinyoung shuffled uneasily as he looked around the room. Messy as it was, it looked cosy and warm, and oddly romantic. He hated to admit it, but his maknae was right, it did look like a place where a husband and wife lived together.

The new double decker bed soon arrived and the room suddenly seemed much smaller and more crowded with four people occupying it. L.Joe was obviously not pleased about it. "They're singers for god's sake." he muttered. "Why stay in a freaking dorm.."

Mi Hye elbowed him and gave him a pout. L.Joe sighed and nodded, kissing the tip of her nose. Mi Hye turned rosy pink and slapped his arm playfully.

Jinyoung didn't miss the exchange and his heart cringed. They shared a room, they seemed close, and especially physically affectionate. *Are they a couple?*

Gongchan totally missed what happened as he explored his new room. Or specifically, laid out his new bed.

He put out his new Winnie the Pooh bed covers and immediately jumped on it to test the bed out. "WAAAH not bad!" Gongchan squealed. "Not bad at all!" He immediately took out his Tigger Striped jacker and put it on, making sure to put oon the hood, and buried his face in the pillow.

Jinyoung shook his head in amusement as he moved to pack his stuff. Mi Hye frowned at Gongchan who remained motionless the moment his head touched the pillow. She poked him lightly. "Gongchan sshi!" she whispered.

Jinyoung chuckled. "Don't need to try. He's asleep already." he told her. "He's a pig, literally. No need trying to wake him because he won't ever wake up. Just let him sleep. There aren't any schedules later anyway."

Mi Hye puffed her cheeks. "Oh."

L.Joe rolled his eyes. *That's really a pig.* He pulled Mi Hye to his bed and settled on the bed with her on his lap. "Baby what are we going to do today?" he asked.

Mi Hye saw Jinyoung turn red and look away awkwardly and she jumped off L.Joe. "Byunghun Oppa! We can't show PDA in front of Jinyoung sshi and GOngchan sshi!" she hissed.

L.Joe raised a brow and Mi Hye gave him a look. L.Joe sighed in defeat. There really wasn't any way he was going to say no to what she said.

There came a knock on the door and a school counselor asked for L.Joe to meet the principal. L.Joe frowned. "She just saw us, what does she want again?" he growled.

"Well.." the school counselor fidgeted. "Apparently L.Joe sshi, you failed your math test again so she wanted to talk to you about it."

L.Joe let out a groan. "I failed again? What is this!"

Mi Hye giggled and patted his head. "This is not studying hard enough Byunghun Oppa!" she teased. "You should have focused on the books when we were studying!"

L.Joe gave her a look. "Who asked you to be so cute looking when you're concentrating? I can't focus on the books but you!" he mumbled. Mi Hye blushed softly and pushed him out of the door. "Just go, Byunghun Oppa. Come back and I'll help tutor you on math."

L.Joe nodded and pecked her lips. "Be back soon babe."

Mi Hye let out a content sigh as she closed the door. She found Jinyoung looking at her with an unreadable expression. "If I'm not mistaken..." Jinyoung bit his lip. "You and L.Joe...you two are together right?"

Mi Hye giggled. "Yeah." she smiled brightly. "We're together."

Jinyoung lowered his gaze and tried hard to focus on something else. Which was packing his stuff.

Mi Hye hopped over to him and watched him work. "Do you need help? Jinyoung sshi?"

Jinyoung shook his head. "It's fine." he assured. "And no need to be so formal. You can take out the sshi."

"Okay Jinyoung Oppa." Mi Hye smiled. Jinyoung stiffened and blinked at her, while Mi Hye's attention was caught by something else. "Wow Jinyoung Oppa! You have a guitar too?"

Jinyoung just stared into space. *Jinyoung Oppa...*

"Jinyoung Oppa?" Mi Hye waved her hand in front of him. "Can you play your guitar for me some time? I love the sounds of guitar!" she squealed.

Jinyoung smiled warmly and took the guitar from her. "I can play for you now."

Mi Hye glanced at Gongchan sleeping worriedly. "But won't Gongchan wake up?"

Jinyoung smirked. "Didn't I tell you he's a pig?" he asked. "Don't worry. Even if there's a whole live rock band concert, he won't wake up. I don't just play for anyone, so listen well."

Mi Hye nodded and sat down, listening intently.

As Jinyoung strummed the strings of the guitar, he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

He had strived to become a singer for so long, he didn't focus much on girls but more on composing and singing.

For the first time, he really thought this girl might be the one to change his single status from birth. He really thought it was love at first sight no matter how shallow it seemed.

But too bad this girl was taken.

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Chapter 32: Awwwww! I love this, they So cute~~~~ ♡
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