As Long as You're Here


Yoongi gets burried in heaps of work and stress in his life as a producer, but finds comfort in a certain someone's warm precense. 


 Yoongi let out an exhausted sigh as he closed the light switches of the studio. He pulled on his jacket silently, giving a sideway glance to the digital clock that read ‘3:43’. Yet another sleepless night, another night filled with annoyed curses from the lack of inspiration and creativity, another night deemed fruitless by the pink haired rapper. 

Length: 1.3K 

Warning/s: cursing 


ily all so much really


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Chapter 1: Omo, so cute! And so fluffy <3 <3 <3 Love it! *^*
Chapter 1: i liked it thank you for writing this
eyesmilegyu #3
Chapter 1: Awhh that was so cute!
Chapter 1: its freakinh sweet and cute tho :)