Well, this is very nerve racking.




When will he get here?  The male checked his watch, rapidly tapping his foot.


Daesung, by far, had never been this anxious in his life.  Sure, when they waited for award winners to be announced, he was rather ancy, but not this bad.  His hands shook as he attempted to straighten up his anxiety-wrecked mop and his leg never stopped tapping.


Seunghyun is Daesung's lover.  One of Daesung's very few, he might add.  But he didn't mind, at least it was the right person.


Daesung could remember all the times he had to wait for Seunghyun, be patient for him.  Whether he had taken a trip to the store or a plane to Jeju, Daesung waited.  The worst waiting he had experienced for his lover, was when he had kissed the older while claiming to be "drunk."  After finding out from resources that the younger was very much sober, the man left for the gym, telling them not to wait for him.  Daesung paced their shared room continuously, never letting himself rest for he was scared on what the older would say, how he would react.  Soon, Daesung grew a bit tired, grabbing some sleep clothes and going to take a shower.  After getting out, taking his time on drying off and dressing, brushing his teeth really well, he left to realize the older still hadn’t returned.  Finally, after everyone had gone to bed, stopping in to say good night, the eldest strided in, dropping an exercise bag to the floor.


"Have you been waiting?"  He looked up, looking rather concerned as Daesung was already sitting up in bed.


"Uh, n-no, I was just, um, startled from you coming in.  Good night."  The boy laid down, almost hugging the wall and he clutched his covers to his chin.  He could hear the changing of the older's clothes, then his footsteps, and the shower cutting on.  The boy sighed, ready to give up on any hopes he had of them being together.  Just as he started to doze off to the rapper's velvety ruff voice sing sweet nothings while washing, it all stopped.  The boy tried to get to sleep then, knowing that Seunghyun would know something was up if he was still awake.  And his sleep was taking over, his brain creating pictures to start dreams; that was until Daesung felt his own bed move, the covers lift, and the older's arms wrap around him.  Seunghyun had never been much for words but it was any and everything the latter could have asked for.


All of his waiting, though, wasn't bad.  It all made him realize how much he actually loved the older.  Even though it might be the effect of a bad thing, Daesung only loved him more in the end.


Looking back at one particular moment now, Daesung and his lover always laugh.  What happened, and how, was too hilarious not to.  Daesung and Seunghyun had gone drinking with the rest of the guys and got a little, tipsy, you might say.  They were hanging on each other, giggling like girls and never not smiling.  This state had made them both vulnerable to revealing their two-years-kept-secret relationship.  Which they did.


After telling the group they were heading home early, they proceeded to getting into a cab, telling the driver where to go.  They were holding hands in the beginning of the ride, so if they would've just kept it that way, nothing more than fan service would've been thought.  But their drunken minds weren't filled with sense.  So later found them looking at each other, slowly leaning forward, then pressing their lips together.  It had been so long since they could do this, in such an open area, they didn't stop.  Then the older's tongue the latter's bottom lip, and that's when the frenzy started.  They were in heaven, doing any and everything they could to make it last, which involved groping of course.  Groping and and .  But at least when they stopped at a stoplight and the paparazzi caught a picture, they were just kissing.


They had fun that night, over at Seunghyun's place.  They relieved themselves and were passed out while being tangled with each other on the man's bed.  But their awakening wasn't as sweet.  YG was beating on the front door, furious with the two.  After Seunghyun and Daesung jerked their last night boxers and pants on, Seunghyun, of course, grabbing a stray hoodie, they answered the door and let the CEO in.  And for an hour, they sat on the couch, listening to every word their CEO said.  He ordered they show nothing, and absolutely nothing, to the camera, until this cooled down.  No hugging, no kissing, no holding hands, no high fives, nothing.  They couldn't even look at each other differently than they look at other's.


This was the worst waiting, the type that made Daesung depressed and sad.  The kind that had him sitting on his couch, or working out in the gym, hardly eating or talking to anyone.  He was so angry, at himself, for being such a light-weight.  Seunghyun deserved someone who wouldn’t get him into so much trouble.  Someone who he could trust to not ruin his career.  Someone better.


And let’s just say, since none of the members of the famous group BIGBANG had schedules on the weekends, Daesung liked to sneak to his hyung’s house, letting the man lighten his life with the sweet nothings he’d whisper into his ear.


Daesung would enter through the front door of the latter’s house and his bingu, who was already be dozing off on the sofa, would jolt awake so suddenly.  Then he would rush to him, wrapping arms around him and pressing too-eager lips against his own.  Seunghyun’s hands slid up his shirt, not rushing to get it off just wanting to feel the skin he had missed all too much.  The younger just kissed, loving the feeling of those large hands against his skin after so long.  Things like ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ve missed you too much’ were whispered or breathed into the growing-hot air.  To the world, it was just five days, to these two, it was a little short of a mental breakdown.


After about a month everything settled down and they gradually built back their public shows of affection.  And soon it grew to more than before.


*Hint        Hint*


He missed the older.  So very much, it hurt.  It was a mess, to say in the least.  It had been three years.  Three years.  That was so long since he had kissed his lover, hugged him, held his hand.  Three years since they had felt, held, or even seen each other.  And it was tearing Daesung apart.  After releasing these two wonderful songs in 2015, they had all did their tour and then went of to military service.  Like everyone else did in the KPOP industry.  But with Seunghyun, something must have sparked their interest.  BIGBANG was back within two years, excited to see one another.  They went out to eat, picked on each other’s short hair, and talked of their adventures.  While laying with his lover that night, the older got a phone call.


It was from the military unit Seunghyun had been in.  They were calling him back.  They had already spoke with YG and wanted the older to come back and train other people.  They had agreed to not take him into battle unless absolutely necessary and promised to only keep him for five years.  In return, they’d pay him as a commanding officer because he would be training others.  The decision was still up to Seunghyun in the end but they all knew how it went.  Everyone would look down on him and shun him for turning down an offer of guaranteed safety.


“Daesung, you know I can’t just turn this down.”  The man had told the latter for the third time that night.


“But Seunghyun, you can’t go.”


“Daesung, that’s five years I get paid to yell at people!  I won’t get hurt!”


“I’m not worried that you will get hurt!”


“Then what’s the issue?”


“That’s five years I won’t see you!”  Everything slowed down, calming the atmosphere in the respected silence.  Daesung’s voice was softer now.  “Seunghyun, that’s five years without you, and I couldn’t even handle a month.”  Tears started rolling down his cheeks and he sank to the bed, head in his hands.  Seunghyun got onto his knees and cupped the latter’s face, placing a very gentle, loving kiss upon them.


“Wait for me.”


And at this very moment, that’s what he is doing.  Waiting.  And god bless if it isn’t taking an eternity for his plane to land.


“Hyung, calm down.  He’ll come back in one piece.  And if he doesn’t we’ll all quit YG and riot the army base.”


“Seungri, shut up, you know they’d fill us with lead in a matter of seconds.”


“Seungri is right though, you should calm down.  He’ll come.”  Youngbae decided to speak as he pat his shoulder.  Daesung put his head in his hands and groaned, rubbing deep circles in his eyes.


“I’m going to get drinks, wanna come?”  Jiyong placed a hand on his dongsaeng’s shoulder.  Daesung sighed and stood, walking around the row of chairs and alongside the leader as they approached a fast food place.


“Daesung, I know you miss-”


“Jiyong, I don’t want a lecture, I just want Seunghyun.”  Daesung spat, ending that conversation.


There was a sigh, and then they were next in line.  Jiyong ordered the drinks for five, having to repeat his order, twice, then realized he forgot his wallet.


“, I’ll be right back.”  He told the younger, running off to their seats.  Daesung watched till the leader disappeared then sighed.  He checked his watch and realized it was almost time for Seunghyun to arrive.


“Jiyong, hurry.”  He groaned, not caring that he was holding up the line.


And here he was, waiting for yet another person.  Jeez, he doesn’t have much patience left in him to go on much longer, he might just cry.  Daesung looked at his watch again, ten minutes.  Ten minutes!  He could be there right now waiting for his lover instead of his leader.


“ it, I’ll just pay for them.”  He mumbled, pulling his wallet out and paying the right amount.  While Daesung grumbled about making Jiyong pay him back and even adding interest, Daesung walked around the corner meeting Jiyong half-way.


“Daesung, I was-”  The boy shoved the drink tray to the older and kept his own, walking to his seat, not bothering to look at the other two members as he checked his watch.  He plopped down in his seat, sipped his drink and looked up to see if Seunghyun was coming.


But he wasn’t.  Because he was already standing there.  Right in front of him.  The man who he hadn’t seen for five years, was there.  This wasn’t one the million dreams he had had of the older, no.  This was the real thing.


Right at that moment, Daesung was glad someone had grabbed his drink, glad no one was in the way.  He was glad that his lover was home, safe, and all his.  Because he jumped up in a heartbeat and was wrapped around the older, arms gripping him like he would leave again.


“I missed you.”  The younger teared up as he whispered these words.  “So much.”  The younger felt lips press to his neck and he gripped tighter.  “I hated every bit of it.  I thought I was going to die.”  Daesung was sobbing speaking only loud enough for his lover and his lover only.  “It was too long.”


Seunghyun pulled away and cupped the boy’s face, placing the same loving kiss he had placed there before he had left.

“But you waited.  And that’s all I asked.”






~ ~

Well. This happened. I'm sorry. Just have this.















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