Personal Message

I write for the sole purpose of making you happy ^.^

So I do gladly accept any requests and criticism with open arms!

I also am open to review other's stories for grammatical errors and such so feel free to request that of me<3

If you have any questions, I am a nice person I promise (: just go ahead and message me

Saranghae :*

About Me

I slack a lot as a writer, I'm made better for oneshots, I'm sorry

I write all different pairings and au's (Examples: Krisho, Kaisoo (A WHOLE LOT), Markson, Neo, Yoonseok, Todae, Tobae, GDae, TOPxOC, GDxOC, etc.)

I take requests for oneshots and requests to edit/proofread stories, if there's anything you need, just send me a message (:

I listen to all different types of music but my all time addictions rn are 


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My Instagram is @ho4seok if you want to follow go right ahead (: I mainly jut praise my babies to the high heavens and complain about shows killing me so you know (:

I watch Kdramas and Thai dramas and BL dramas so yeah thats a thing

Shows you REALLY need to watch:

SOTUS (plz guys im not joking ;-;)

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Lovesick (i haven't finished it yet but I promise it's worth the watch)

Image result for lovesick the series

2Moons (if you don't watch any other shows PLEASE WATCH THIS ONE it has three BL pairings (need I say more???) and the storyline is just *intense screaming*)

Image result for 2moons the series

Waterboyy (let's be honest, if you watched Free! then you should watch this. and if you haven't watched Free! then watch both this and Free! bc shirtless wet swimmers, am I right????)

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I think that's all I have at the moment but will keep you updated (:

Also I do watch non-BL shows and movies as well so if you'd like to request a list of recommendations of any kind I can get them to you! (if you request a list of stories I will admit to you I only happen to read BL stories and maybe like one (???) OC, I'm not a big fan of OC tbh)