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Indie Entertainment has indeed made an name for itself in the music industry. With the growing company they have created a fusion group. Primadonna is Indie Entertainment's newest girlgroup/girlband fushion. Together the nine members are a girlgroup called Primadonna. The girls are split into two bands, Belladonna and Madonna.


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"Idealized virtuous and beautiful women"
"Shine Bright. Dream Big. We are all stars tonight... Primadonna Imminda!"


indie entertainment has indeed made a name for itself in the music industry. With the growing company, they have decided to create a fusion group. Primadonna is indie entertainment 's newest girlgroup and girlband fusion. Together the nine members are a girlgroup called Primadonna. The girls are split into two bands, Belladonna and madonna. Belladonna is the korean band that will promote their band in korea while madonna is the japanese band that promotes in japan. the girlgroup and girlband fusion will come together to release their first single. After they will promote both bands in korea and japan.
groupname : primadonna
no. of members : 9
label : indie entertainment
fanclub name : tba
fanclub color :
debut song : tba
debut album : royale

bandname : belladonna
no. of members : 4 → 5
label : indie entertainment
debut song : tba

bandname : madonna
no. of members : 4
label : indie entertainment
debut song : tba


1. subscribe, esecially if you're applying. I want you to be updates at all times and to check to see if you got accepted or not. upvote is optional.
2. sHE if your app didn't get picke, please don't delete it. you character could be a trainee or replacement. plus, i will make a character for a position. so 8 positions are open.
3. please don't bash other applicants, that's not cool.
4. i'm allowing you to apply more than once and it doesn;t have to be for the same position.
5. absolutely no mary sues. everyone has flaws and i know you can be creative.
6. love interests can be from any group and it can be an OC too.
7. ulzzangs, idols, models and actresses are all acceptable as faceclaims.
8. read the rules and cheatsheet. i expect you to comment to every or other capter. let me know what you think. also, if you're going on hiatus, please tell me or if you decide you're going to get rid of your account, plese tel e so i can find someone else to apply for your character's position.

authors note : hey this is my third applyfic. I had fun writing enchanted and glamour. thank you so much for the support and applicants , you guys are awesome. so apply, comment, subscribe and I really hope you like this.

I've never used this but I think I'm going to. I just posted Primadonna's Labelmates


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Chapter 6: Hey thanks for the kind review! Im glad you liked her stage name as well~
Mai is slowly becoming one of my favorite faceclaims shes so pretty
Chapter 7: Welcome back! cant wait for the story start as well as for glamour to continue
Chapter 5: I swear I'm going to turn in my app. I totally forgot about it at first and then I had to go up to be with family this week and didn't have access to a computer but I'll finish it soon I promise. T_T
Hey! Are you going to continue this fic?
Chapter 5: Thank you so much for liking Miko. She was so much fun to make.
eunmini #6
Chapter 5: First of all thank you for liking her! It was fun to create a character for this applyfic so yeah thanks for making this... I didn't want it to be some mainstream european country like england or france *mainstream country sounds kinda weird, but okay. I'm glad you liked that about the app as well the artic monkeys!!! It's one of my favorite bands too /high five girl
Chapter 5: I'm happy you like Haru, shes like a mix of the other two I guess. :)
*sighs* really though how could I miss the chance to apply to one of you fab applyfics?
Chapter 4: Ooooh, its finally here~! Now time to think of a character...*deep in thought*
I like this alot! I'm applying!!