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Indie Entertainment is a small music company, that is known to help independent artists and groups launch them into stardom. It is known for the success of the girlgroup Thorn, the boygroup Capricorn and the duet Blaire. Now the company is looking to debut a girl pop-rockband.


"We are here to charm the world with our music..... ENCHANTED IMNIDA"
Indie Entertainment is a small music company, that is known to help independent artists and groups launch into stardom. It is known for the success of the girl group Thorn, the boy group Capricorn and the duet Blaire and the success of branching out into Japan and China. Now the company is looking to produce a girl pop-rock band and being able to break into Western countries. Will this band have what it takes to succeed? Some say the company is taking a big risk, debuting this group.   

Group Name: Enchanted
No. of Members: 6
Label: Indie Entertainment
Fanclub Name: Charmers
Fanclub Color: #cc99cc

Debut Song: Sugar Candy (Originally by Sweet Revenge)
Debut Album: Spellbound


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Two. If your app didn't get picked, please don't delete it. Your character could be a trainee or replacemnt. Who knows. Plus, I will make a character for a position. So 5 positions are open. If you feel your character is better than mine, persuade me. (I like a good arguement.)

Three. Please don't bash other applicants. That's not cool.

Four. I'm allowing you to apply twice and it doesn't have to be for the same position. (Sweet Deal, Am I Right?)

FIve. I'm allowing yuri. If you're uncomfortable then you don't have to read.

Six. Absolutely no Mary Sues. Everyone has flaws. I know you can be creative.

Seven. Love Intrests can be from any group as long as I've heard of them. If you're not sure, PM me. An OC is acceptable too.

Eight. Ulzzangs are acceptable as Faceclaims. Idols, are allowed but I would prefer if they were an underrated idol.

Nine. Please, read the rules and cheetsheet. I expect you to comment every chapter or other chapter. Let me know if what you think.

Author's Note
Hey, this is my first apply fic. I didn't really think I would do one and then i got inspired so I decided to start one. So, apply, comment, subscribe and I really hope you like this. 


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Oh. I really loved this story and I am pretty sad that that you feel no one is interested but it is your story and as the writer it is your choice, thank you for telling us and I will support your decision! Good luck with the other stories as well
Chapter 13: I really loved this too, it was something different from the other applyfics. It is sad that you feel no one was interested in it. But if you feel like deleting it then do what you feel is best. If you keep or delete it, then I'm m fine with both. I will support your decision either way and if you recreate this applyfic. Then you can best believe I will be there to apply. Honestly, just do what you think is best.
Chapter 13: Happy belated Christmas!! I can't wait for the next chapter of this. Glad you're back by the way. :)
Chapter 12: Finally a update! :D I love the way you described Jimin, haha she totally would leave for food. I am also looking forward towards the interaction between Jimin and Dambi, you did it just perfect. I can't wait to see what's next!
Chapter 12: Yay thanks for the update I liked belle's interactions with her siblings, it seems like the girls are getting along although it seems jimin and dambi might have problems (whats a girl group without drama right?)
Chapter 6: Happy you aren't abandoning this story either! I shall be waiting good luck!
Chapter 10: I love the new layout! Wow I like the way you gave everyone a solo and awesome job with the chapter.
Chapter 10: You're on a roll haha! Very nice! :-)
Chapter 6: I love the new layout! Red hot chili peppers are awesome like seriously! I like how everyone is a soloist and I like how you added younha's song to Stars track list! I love younha
Chapter 8: Yay, you posted! I do like this layout way more and Carrie was rocking it on the bass (Red Hot Chili Peppers slay). I think you meant Doojoon though lol