= The Thief & The Lawyer =

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Doojoon works as a police officer. Together with Gikwang he is working on a serious murder case. On his break he accidently caught Dongwoon robbing an ajumma. He tries to bring him to jail but Dongwoon manages to escape. Later on he finds out that Dongwoon is involved in the murder case....He tries to confront him. Dongwoon behaves very bad which made Doojoon think that he is a bad person who needs to be punished, but then he finds out that's not the whole truth....

Note: I'm not supporting any kind of drugs or smoking but since it takes a huge part of my story...please understand  ;) 

Since it's my first story with more serious content I'm getting kind of  confused. I'm sorry for that TT.TT  If there are any chapters that you would consider as too much please inform me instead of just reporting me.

Thank you for understanding.






Main characters:

Supporting roles:


I made a trailer for the story : (I know I kind of overplay it ^_^): 


♫♥Hello everybody!♥♫


Thank you for looking into my 2nd story <3

The story will be a mix between a drama, comedy and action. It will have some thrill elements in it, too

Are you ready for an exciting new story with all the Beast members in it?

I'm always open for any feedback. 



Notice: *Please be aware that there could be some slightly homoual content in the story!*

**Since it's an action story there could be some brutal scenes, too.**

***Some chapters could be rated M***



I recommend you to listen to Beast's Black Paradise to get into the right kind of mood for this story ^_^

**__I uploaded my Story|Chapter 19 !!__**

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Dujunhyung #1
Chapter 17: Emm when u want to update this story? Thanks
vero1347 #2
Please update soon I liked it a lot!
yuricha #3
hiiiiii I really like ur story! hope you update them soon :-) also would u by any chance would like to have a beta? I can help you if you like! :-)
ashleyolsen #4
Chapter 6: Hope you update soon!! I'm soooo exited with the story
jeonxox #5