When find your one and only, you will fall into a river of chaos.

In that flowing water, you will see your lover drowning to her death.

You'll want to save her, even if it means that it will cost your life.

She'll scream for your name, but you won't be able to hear her.

She'll beg for your hand, but you won't be able to reach her.


Because you are held in place by the streaming liquid that is called Loyalty.

If your true wish is to rescue your love, then you must break free from the loyalty
you promised your pack.

No wolf can be truly loyal to two things.

You have to choose between friendship and brothers and love.

If your decision is to remain loyal to your friends and brothers, then your lover
will drown, along with your affection for her.

If your decision is to promise an eternity of loyalty and love to your soulmate, then
the water can no longer hold you back down.

Because a new power called Love arise and fights off all the obstacles.

At the same time you decide to choose your lover, a tattoo of her name embossess itself
onto your skin: a sign that you're taken and also the promise of loyalty for your soulmate.

And that promise, called an Imprint, will last for eternity.

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