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there were 3 angels who walked the earthly ground like you and i. jimin, daelee and taehyung. along with those 3 angels there are also three demons that dwell among us. jihae, yoonhye, and jungkook. what happens when a half breed is born to the oppasite pair (demon and angel), and its against the law? the law of the inhuman states that any man or woman have any relations with the opposite inhumanality will be punished. if a child is born between the pair, the deman is to be hanged, cut, and burned. the angel is to be boiled in oil, and the child is to be shot in the head on the spot and burned... no MERCY given. hiding from the law is risky, but is it worth it for the sake of love?


hiiiiiii! im back again but this time with BTS!!!! im really excited for this one because this is one that i have had down on paper for a long time. its night finish yet because its quite long. i want to have the hold story finished on paper so i wont have to have large time gaps between updates. so i m just goiong to start it., but will nit update for a while. the wait will not be longer than 1-2 months at the minimum. 3 to the max.

im going to try to upload 3 chapters at the minimum today.
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