Go Along With It

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Kyuhyun gets caught by his roommate while dressed up pregnant.


A Wonkyu Mpreg/Genderbender Fics.


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babywonwon #1
Chapter 1: You know what? Just get along with it
littlembas #2
Chapter 1: This is awesome! Like in a mind bending-ed up way that you don't need to understand the connection between the scene, just go along with it
Chapter 1: This... what is this? I mean, everything was going awesome till the labour thing. I mean... how on earth did Kyuhyun give birth to two twins suddenly? Did he have magic or what? Did he become a woman? And how come no one remembered the man-Kyuhyun? This is as if god changed everything and did what Kyuhyun wanted to become... is it?
fillet #4
Chapter 1: don't understand? just go along with it
Chapter 1: this is so perfect and amazing ....
ai_naru-chan #6
Chapter 1: though I'm still a bit confused, but I love this story

anyway I'm kyu uke lovers.. so can I read your other story?
BabySkypeia126 #7
Chapter 1: wow... it was a WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O
it's kinda too rush to be a whole completed story...
but still... it's WOW!!!!!!!!!!

good luck!! ^^
EXOluv95 #8
Chapter 1: im sorry but i don't get what happened at all. it was good up until the hospital, then it seems as if you just went completely off track, and made it overly complex. it leaves a lot of things unanswered, and that isn't good since this clearly isn't supposed to be a cliffhanger. hmmm could've been better.
hit0rigurashi #9
Chapter 1: Wow... This story is really nice...
It was perfect, until that part where siwon confessed and they kissed. But from that moment onwards, everything felt weird. Was it like an Immaculate Conception or something? And the room change, the journal... I don't really get it.
But at least they ended up together, and they're expecting their own baby after the twins, and that's all that matters :-)
Chapter 1: Hmm...soo... kyu has magic? What kyu wants becomes reality? I think At first he is a man, But how can at the end of Halloween party , he is pregnant? I think it just a costume...
N wonkyu soo damn cute.please write more chapter about them.