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I'm just a 17-year-old who is super awkward with strangers but once someone becomes my friend... I cherish them forever.
Feel free to talk to me ^_^

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Hey there!

This is Sonal.
I've been an E.L.F. since 2015, basically, the moment I stepped into K-pop... it was the best moment of my life! My story into K-pop is a bit weird (?) I guess. I was an anime fan (and I still am) and once, I watched this anime called skip beat and I really liked it. So, I even read the manga did research on it. I found out that a Taiwanese drama was made based on it so I started watching it. As I was into the first episode, my eyes fell on a super gorgeous guy. The moment I saw him... that was it! I went head-over-heels for him. It was love at first sight. I started searching on google and found out that he is a Korean and belonged to a group called Super Junior. I decided to check the group out and listened to Sorry, Sorry. I realized that I had already listened to it in 2012 during PSY's Gangnam Style era. I saw more MVs and variety shows of Super Junior and then TADA! I became an E.L.F.

And I'm an ARMY too (multifandom XD). I've known BTS since 2015 as well (my fourth kpop MV was Dope) so I had an idea of who they are but I didn't like them at all because I was jealous that they're the talk of kpop fans rather than Suju (I know I know, I was a stupid kid. I regret that.) So, I didn't care about BTS. In 2016, when Blood Sweat & Tears released, one of my friends who was an ARMY started fangirling about BS&T and I was like 'Really? Let's give it a try then.' And man, I don't regret it one bit. I LOVED Blood Sweat & Tears. I was mesmerized to be honest. The msic video was just that good. I couldn't take my eyes off them, especially Taehyung. As soon as I saw him 'Who the hell is he?'... It was just the way I fell in love with Siwon. And that got me thinking why on earth did I ignore these guys for so long?! Then I started watching more MVs and variety shows and then I became an ARMY too ^^

I'm basically an ELF-ARMY now (That sounds so cool!)

About writing, I had never even dreamt of writing fan fictions or anything but now... I have more than 20 published fanfics. It's crazy but it's true. The reason I started writing fanfics was my OTP Wonkyu. I have no idea how on earth did I start shipping an OTP, two guys nevertheless because trust me, I was not against it but I didn't really like the idea of two people of the same gender in love. Anyway, I somehow started shipping Wonkyu and then, started reading fanfics on AFF. I read many but the daily updates were so less that I decided to write one on my own. Voila! I published my first fanfic and since then, I've never turned back.