Shikshin Love


“Yah! Choi Sooyoung, wake up!” a middle-aged woman stand at the door of a room and shouted.

“Umm.. let me sleep more...” the owner of the room, Sooyoung, continues to laze on her bed and refused to get up.

“You are going to be late if you do that!”

“..Uh..Huh..? What’s the time..?”

“6:55 am.”

“..WHAT!? CRAP!”

It was today, when the new students are going to come in. Even though she is not interested at all, but it is still bad to be late. Right in front of them.


Character 01: Kwon Yoona

Name: Kwon Yoona

Nickname: Yoong, Yoongie

Birthday: 05/12

-Likes to tease and prank people (especially Sooyoung)
-Cherish the people that she loves
-Nice to people
-Always bumping into people (and hence getting into troubles sometimes)
-Choding (hardly anyone could bear with it)
-Strong but hardly fight (does not fight back when attacked...)
-Especially shy when it comes to love
-Twin sister of Kwon Yuri -- Younger
-Elder sister of Kwon Seohyun
-Cousin of the Kim sisters

Character 02: Choi Sooyoung

Name: Choi Sooyoung

Nickname: Youngie

Birthday: 10/02

-Violent and can be scary sometimes
-Get into trouble often (since she fights, they just come back for revenge)
-Strong and fight if attacked
-Nice to those around her (like her friends)
-Hides her feelings
-Did not know how to express her feelings well (ended up in misunderstanding sometimes)
-Bad at lying (she stutters if she lie...)
-Shy when it comes to love
-Helpless under Yoona’s choding-ness
-Protective (especially for Yoona)

Character 03: Kwon Yuri

Name: Kwon Yuri

Nickname: Yul

Birthday: 05/12

-Gentle and nice
-Likes to prank people
-Overprotective of Yoona
-Strong and fight only for Yoona
-Wary of people that come in contact with Yoona
-Supports the family
-Twin sister of Kwon Yoona -- Older
-Elder sister of Kwon Seohyun
-Cousin of the Kim sisters

Character 04: Kwon Seohyun

Name: Kwon Seohyun

Nickname: Seobaby

Birthday: 28/06

-Shy, kind and gentle
-Always speak formally (and refuses to speak informally)
-Sometimes pop out from nowhere
-Against fast-food or other unhealthy food
-Love sweet potatoes
-Strict about herself
-Youngest daughter of the Kwon family
-Cousin of the Kim sisters

Character 05: Kim Taeyeon

Name: Kim Taeyeon

Nickname: Taengoo, ByunTae, Shorty

Birthday: 09/03

-Playful and dorky
-Cousin of the Kwon sisters
-Sunny’s childhood friend
-Elder sister of Kim Hyoyeon

Character 06: Lee Sunny

Name: Lee Soon Kyu

Nickname: Bunny, Shorty

Birthday: 15/05

-Playful at times
-Serious about work (and often overwork herself)
-Taeyeon’s childhood friend

Character 07: Kim Hyoyeon

Name: Kim Hyoyeon

Nickname: Kim Choding, Dancing Queen

Birthday: 22/09

-Dorky and playful
-Likes to prank people
-Cousin of the Kwon sisters
-Younger sister of Kim Taeyeon

Character 08: Tiffany Hwang

Name: Tiffany Hwang

Nickname(s): Fany, Mushroom

Birthday: 01/08

-Jessica’s girlfriend
-Short (taller than Taeyeon and Sunny)
-Taeyeon’s childhood friend

Character 09: Jessica Jung

Name: Jessica Jung

Nickname(s): Sica, Jessi

Birthday: 18/04

-Tiffany’s girlfriend
-Ice Princess
-Shy (unsociable)
-Short (taller than Taeyeon and Sunny)
-Warm at heart


Please do comment. It's gonna be a SoonA fanfic, but since there's no tag for it... sigh..

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Chapter 27: Hope I'm not late for school tom. Hehez.
Chapter 27: Ahh~ just finished this in three hours~ too longgggg
grc_grace #3
Chapter 27: Wahahahahahahaaaa ...
The three last part it's so funny :D
Thanks for the story author :)
Tatsumaru #4
Chapter 24: i satisfied with the happy ending but i just feel something lack. over all you did good job,author..
soshi_bond #5
Chapter 27: interesting...
This fic is really really good. I love it~ Hope that you'll write more about SoonA ^^ Can i have your permission to translate this fic and post it on wattpad??
takochan21 #7
Chapter 1: Hi...I just came across your story. I love SooNa... I'll read this story :)
Chapter 27: it is good
please write more
Chapter 27: Kyut story
[deactivated] #10
Lol.. from hello baby... :)

Anyway, your idea of interviewing your own characters is sooo cute!
you are really creative!

Good job on this fanfic and make more!
Hwaiting! :)