Dragon and Deer's Love Stories


No matter what happen to them..


No matter what people say about them...


Whatever they do..


Wherever they are..


One thing that will never change..




"I love you my deer..."


"I love you my dragon..." 





OH.MY.GAWD. /slappingmyface/


I shouldn't write a new story. 


I should finish my unfinished story. 




My hands are so itchy to write about KrisHan /slappingmyowfaceagain/








Since the title said 'stories' with 's' means plural


This story will be a collection of one-shot based on true event 


Or based on my stupid imagination 


Or... Based on your request in the comment below


I should post this story on KrisHan's day for my dear subscriber,  hasanaheart  


But I couldn't .. Sorry dear ..


Hope this isn't too late to celebrate KrisHan's day..



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