Appa, Baba and Babies (HunHan Version)


"Annyeong... My name is Haowen... that man... yeah that man, who is veeerrryyyy handsome, is my appa... his name is Sehun..

i live with my appa since i was a baby..

eomma? hmm.. i dont know... Appa just said that eomma had something to do so she couldnt be with us..

i am not sure with that.. i feel something fish.. fish.. fisher..or fishy... i dont know the words.. i am still foouuurrrr....

this cute boy is my crush...his name is Zhiyu... cutie Zhhiyyuu....."


"uhhmm... h-hello.. my n-name is Zhiyu... i am four years old... i live with my baba...his name is LuHan

there... that pretty man is my baba...uhmm..b-but dont say it loudly..h-he will be angry...

mama? hmm.. Mama is in heaven... it is very far from here...



these babies..

will make a story between their fathers...

will it be end happily?




because happy love story no need to end at all... ^_^


based on Ikumen After manga by KODAKA Kazuma


My lovely first commenter in the KaiLu version feels hurting by me writing KaiLu..  


I decided to write this story in two version..  I think i also cannot deny my heart which love HunHan too much..  Especially THIS IS HUNHAN's MONTH,  PARTY PEOPPLLEEEE...  


Are you happy now? Yeah..  You.. My dear  hunhanjenam kkkk i am sorry for hurting youuuuu...  

click this if you want to read the KaiLu Version

anyway, this is the first time i try to write again and i just write without creativity.. i just write based on manga...

i am sorry....

hope i can write the first chapter soon..

Jamie is out.. yo yo yo~

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