"Jackson-ah!! Come here! We're leaving now! "

"Neh umma! Im coming." 

The little 8-year old Jackson Wang yelled as he was running with his cute legs and feet towards her mom and their car.

"Eh? What's this?" He asked as he picked a photo of a little girl.

A little girl with cute puppy eyes, sharp nose and cute pinkish lips. 

"Omo. Yeppeon yeoja." The little boy smiled as he eyed the photo.


"Neh umma!" And he goes off running.


Mixed POV (Jackson's and Third Person's)


Since then, even though with my eight-year old heart, I have experienced the joy of having your first love.

And even now that I am 20 years old, she still is the prettiest girl I've ever laid eyes on.

It's funny how I'm so sure I'm inlove with her when I haven't seen her once in person and that I'm just a kid when I first saw her face in that photo.

And it's even funnier how I have dedicated all my life looking for her. I transfered to different schools just to find her, I went to different malls incase I'll bump to her accidentally, I stayed with almost all of my extra hours on different parks just to see my luck on catching even just a glimpse of her beautiful face.

I took my wallet from my pants to take a look on her face again.It's my daily ritual. I also look at her photo before going to bed everynight praying to see her.

"Yah! Jackson! Staring at her again?!" . My friend Mark said to me as he eyed the photo in my hands. Hm.. He's with the whole gang. And we call ourselves Got7. LOL

They are my bestest friends and as you can see, they all know about her.

"Oh, What's that? Our little Jackson's fantasizing about his beloved girl again?".

"Hmm..I guess he is. But Jackson, I'm not trying to be pessimist or something but you've been looking for her since you were 7! For 13 years, you've wasted your time for 13 years.. Don't you think it's time to let go now?"

"Yeah Jack, we don't want to hurt you so we kept quiet about this but dude, I think you've wasted your time long enough.And besides, That girl looks like 7 years old too, how would you know that it's her when it's already 13 years?"

"No.. I don't want to.. I will keep on looking for her no matter what you all say."

"Jack,.. We just care for you. Ok, Let's say that you'll keep looking for her, what are the chances that she's here? What are the chances that you'll see her? For all we know there 7 billion people in world Jack. How can you find her? You don't even know her name."

"Or worst, how can you be so sure that she's still alive? We all have limited time here in the wolrd Jack. What if her's all done?"

"Yah!!!! Don't say that!" I yelled at Jr and held his collar.

"She is alive ok? She is! And I will look for her!" I glared at him saying this and finally letting go of his collar. No. I know she's still alive and I WILL find her. I've wasted all of my 13 years looking for her and I'm don't have any thoughts on stopping now. I will find her. 

I might young at that time but I definitely am sure I fell in love right then and there. I will stop at nothing just to find her. And while thinking all this I haven't realized that I'm already crying with my buds crowding infront of me drying my tears and saying some comforting words to me.

"It's ok Jack. We're sorry. We won't talk you out of it ever again. We promise." It's their first time seeing the oh-so-jolly Jackson breakdown like this. Heh~ This girl might be a witch for all they know and casted a spell on the photo. That's the only explanation they can think on how their friend is oh-so crazy on a girl he met only in a photo.

"Stop crying now. We will help you look for her. We can even start now! Here, stand up and let's start walking."

"Really? :D Gomawo guys! You're the best." Aisss..For all they know they must me looking for someone who doesn't exist or doesn't want to be found but hey, if this is the only thing to keep their friend from breaking down just like a while ago and have him as happy as he is now, then they are more that willing to do it.

"Alright! Let's go forward! ". I yelled as I held the photo in my hands. Time to look for you again my love! 

I ran to cross the street when I accidentally tripped on a rock and let go of the photo in my hands. It flew out of my grip and landed on the busy streets on Seoul. 

Oh no. I hurriedly ran to get it and tadaaaa!!! I got it !!! Better put this in my pocket now. Don't want to lose it again.

I was so busy being happy and giddy about the photo that I haven't seen the car fast approaching to where I am standing...

"Hyung!!!!" , And the last thing remember was seeing myself pushed to the other side of the rode and BamBam getting hit with the furious car.

"BamBam!!!!!" All of us shouted and ran to his side.

"BamBam!!! Wake up! Oh God, this is all my fault .. Wake up please. Im so so sorry.." I cried as I shake him.

"Jackson.. Move aside for now, the ambulance is here." My friends told me as I did what was I told.They put BamBam into a stretcher and carriend him inside the ambulance and I hurriedly joined them inside. I hold his hand while crying.

"I'm sorry Bammie-ah, It's all my fault. Forgive me.I'm sorry ."

"Jackson-ah..It's not your fault okay? It's an accident."

"No.. It's all my fault. I did this to him."

"No !! It's not your fault okay?! If BamBam's awake I'm pretty sure that's what he's going to tell you too. So please. It's not your fault! Arachi?"

"Neh, arasso."




Here I am at the hospital's rooftop. And no, I am not commiting suicide. I'm just here to catch some air and to think. Bammie's all well now. They say he's got some fractures here and there but he's going to be okay and that all he need are plenty of rest and some therapy.

I sighed as I take the photo out from my pocket.

"You really are so pretty. And I'm really in love with you. But right now, I got a friend in an accident all because of you. Well, I'm not putting all the blame on you. It's all my fault for trying so hard looking for you. I know that I promised to see you in person and marry you but, I'm sorry. I think I cant fulfill that promise now. I can't afford to let my friends get hurt because of me being so crazy about you. I'm sorry my angel but I'm letting go of you now. I'm sorry.Saranghae."

I give one last kiss to the photo and threw it down below. I smiled as I dried my tears. Goodbye my angel.

"Wuuu.. Now that's over, I think I need to get some food to the boys."

I hurriedly went down the elevator and ran to the entrance when I accidentally bumped on a woman.

"Oh.. I'm sorry miss. I didn't see you." I told her as I helped her up.

"Aniyo, It's okay " She replied as she lifted her face to meet my gaze and oh boy... What a beautiful face.

"I .. uh. I'm Jackson. And you are?" . I said as I raised my hand for a handshake.

"I'm Sunny." She said as she accept my hand and smiled at me.

And that , was the start of something beautiful.


8 Years Later...

"Sunny-ah!!!" I called my wife as I got home from work. Yes. Sunny,the one that I met at the hospital. She is my wife now. And she is the sweetest, most loving and most beautiful wife a man could ever have."

"Eh? Yeobo , you're home. Welcome back.",She smiled to me and gave me a pick on the lips.

"Eh? What's that jagiya?" I asked her when I saw her holding something in her hands.

"Oh, It's my childhood photo. kekeke~ Funny thing is I lost this when I was a kid and found this at the ground in the entrance of the hospital where we met. Here, take a look. kekeke~" She said as she handed me the photo. 

And yes , it's the same photo that i have kept for 13 years. My eyes went wide and my heart beated so fast. 

I gently smiled as I take a look on my wife. It is HER. My first and one true love.

Funny how fate played with us but I don't care now. 

Knowing that the girl I've been inlove for thirteen years with just one photo and the girl that I married are one, I can't really express what I feel right now.

All I know is that Im happy, and full of love.

I hugged Sunny, kissed her on her ear and whispered,

"Love will always find away if it's fated to be." , I then moved to look at her , smiled, and kissed her lips.

"Saranghae Sunny."

"Nado Saranghae Jackson."






Author's note:

KYAHHHHHHHHHHH!! xD haha. There! It's done. LOL

I hope you all like it :)) I find destiny really romantic so I made this. :)) JACKSUN FTW!! xD

nd sorry if it's a bit short ^^V my parents kept nagging at me to get off the computer =_= so i have to hurry. :3

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