A Summer with Superman


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Hi there..! keke i know im not yet done with the others..
But while waiting for them to be updated, 
I want you to enjoy first this short story about a love that bloomed in the middle of summer.. 
lol *lack of description, sorry about that...*
I'm supposed to pass this story as a project but as usual, 
i wasn't able to pass it on time and just decided to get one of my previous oneshots LOL...

Im already done with this so you dont need to wait for years for this to be updated... 
Just a little share for summer. 

Hope you enjoy it guys ^^


“Do you believe in fairies?”



And it’s as if those words were like magic to my ears, I then found myself smiling; listening to the little voices of two youngsters behind me. The sound of innocence, the sound of two untainted playful minds; which brought me back to when I too spoke of those words; until slowly, the curve on my lips grew wider.

I turned my head to the side, as I continuously listened to the two kids behind me. With still a smile on my lips, I watched the bright heavens from inside the window of the car. I brought down the window and stuck out my hand to feel the warm breeze brushed on my palm and through the spaces between my fingers. My eyes slowly closed as I could smell the scent of the freshly mowed grass, the sweet smell of the flowers blooming and the smell of the fruits from the trees as the wind brushed by them. The sounds of the birds chirping came playing around my ears… and it struck me, as the warm breeze brushed through my cheeks… summer has finally come unnoticed by me.

How many summer have I already missed? How many summer had passed by without my knowledge? And how many summer has it already been without you by my side?

But it would probably be better to just let summer be forgotten for it only brings your memory, especially your promise that left neglected.

My brows started to furrow; as slowly, everything from that one summer time flashed back to my mind. As if it was only 
yesterday, as if it was you’re here listening to my undying naive prattles again and as if the fast beatings in my heart were all new to me again. I could only feel the nostalgia… as if you’re here again by my side.

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