Karma Café




Karma Café Staffs:

1. Luhan

- The Boss/The Owner of Karma Café

- Often disguise himself as cashier

- Has sixth sense and clairvoyance


2. Zhang Yixing (Head Chef of Karma Café)

- Has great cooking skill

- Gentle and kind hearted


3. Kim Junmyeon (Sous Chef of Karma Café)

- Mature and wise

- Sometimes sensitive and sentimental


4. Kris Wu (Bartender of Karma Café)

- Nagging all the time!

- Grumpy but caring actually

- Expressionless


5. Kim Minseok ( Barista of Karma Café)

- Cute

- Bubbly and lovely


6. Byun Baekhyun (Waiter of Karma Café)

- Cool diva but has warm voice

- Eyeliner lovers

- Ideal guy: Tall and handsome


7. Huang Zitao (Waiter of Karma Café)

- The baby

- Martial arts expert

- Love watching romance drama with Junmyeon and cry together


Karma Café Customers:

1. Park Chanyeol

- Funny but clumsy

- Has y deep voice

- Master of many musical instruments


2. Oh Sehun

- Handsome

- Cute and charming


3. Do Kyungsoo 

- Clueless (sometimes)

- Has angelic voice

- Interested in fortune-telling


4. Kim Jongin 

- Good dancer

- y

- Spoiled and obedient only to Kyungsoo


5. Kim Jongdae

- Great voice

- Love to teasing the chubby barista


Annyeong! secretyeoja imnida ^^

This is my 1st story and i hope you can enjoyed it <3

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- secretyeoja -

Finally updated ch 7! hope you enjoy and feel free to leave some comments~!

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Chapter 7: Wow I can't think, I would stop reading it.. I am getting more n more immersed in it.
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Congrats!! :)
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congrats on getting featured ♡
Chapter 15: This was an awesome story, I'm looking forward for the 2nd book to be out in no time!.
surrexerunt #6
Chapter 12: I really like this story, it's great.
Just a tip to make the stories even better: practice some grammar, especially differen tenses.
Love youre fic <3
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Chapter 14: It was a superb story and congrats author on ur feature :)
AdvertiseAndLabelize #9
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Congratulations ~