Day 1


The Cast


Kim Tae Hyung


Falling in love with suddenly. Try to find his true love. A good boy.


Jung Seo Ra


 An ordinary girl. Didn't know that she will fall'in love with Korean's star.



Jung Seo Ra sat down on the chair in the Incheon Airport waiting for her parents to take her off. She just finished graduated of her high school at Tokyo Japan. She comeback home to release her tired from being student in Tokyo Japan. Suddenly her phone was ringing. She woke up to find another place for answer the call.

While she walked away, many people were running to the departure and crashed on her. Her phone was kicked by the people. She tried to woke up. "What kinda of human they are?" Sighed her. Suddenly she lost her phone. That was made her became panick. She tried to find her phone. She tried to find it every where until suddenly she crashed on someone. She looked up to the face. The boy was stared at her.

"Mianhe, I'm just looking my phone" Told her. She afraid to the boy. She looked down but suddenly the boy's hand gave her something. It her phone. She shocked and thanks to him. Then, she walked away. The boy nodded and looked her walked away. In SeoRa's mind she weird why there were too many people around the boy and his friends. That was too embressing her because too many people were looked at her when the boy gave her phone. "Luckly the phone didn't cracked" She sighed.

Suddenly, SeoRa's parents were calling her to the car. She walked quickly and got her luggage to the car. At the same time the boy that was gave her phone was stared at her and smiled.

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