Closing his eyes, his fingers danced across the white and black keys gently as if they had a mind of their own. His thoughts were filled with the lyrics he wasn’t able to utter and his mind was filled with joy and a tinge of sorrow.

You could say that Yoongi practically owned the old music room at the top floor. No one else bothered about the old music room after a larger and grander music room was built recently last year, except Yoongi of course. And although Yoongi could not speak, he had a deep passion for music. It naturally became a routine for Yoongi to visit the music room every day after school to practice and play the piano. Yoongi however disliked the sympathy he received from his classmates. So what if he couldn’t speak? Music was able to convey his feelings and that was enough for him.

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he poured all of his heart and soul into the piece he was playing.

Just one day, if I can be with you
Just one day, if I can hold your hands

Whose beautiful voice did it belong to?

Just one day, if I can be with you
Just one day

Yoongi was confused to say the least yet he felt a surge of happiness bubbling deep within him. The latter was definitely a boy. His voice was low and soothing, filled with a thousand different emotions if possible.

If only we can be together
I hope I can be with you for just one day

His fingers came to life as he listened to the melodious voice coming from the room beside. It felt so surreal.

Having a party party with only you
I hope I can be with you for just one day

A single tear escaped Yoongi’s eyes and he smiled softly.

If only we can be together



The accompaniment continued for a while. Yoongi would rush to the music room immediately after class every single day, hoping to hear that melodious voice again while he played the piano. Sure they weren’t the perfect duo and they didn’t produce the most wonderful cover, but it was perfect to Yoongi and he couldn’t ask for more.

To say that Yoongi was curious about the latter would be an understatement. The latter was always on his mind although they were merely strangers who haven’t even met. However, Yoongi never tried to figure out who the latter was. He was afraid. He was afraid that if they ever met, the latter would treat him like how the others treated him, as if he was a little fragile child.  And more than anything else, he didn’t want that. Especially since Yoongi felt a deep connection with the latter.



However, one day the latter’s voice stopped resonating no matter how many times Yoongi played their piece. Of course he would’ve left. Who in the right mind would stay and sing for someone they barely know?

Nonetheless, Yoongi still held onto that little hope left, hoping that the latter would return. Playing the same piece over and over again everyday till his fingers ached; Yoongi would glance out of the windows hoping to hear that familiar voice once again. Before leaving dejectedly, Yoongi would always gaze towards the locked room, hoping that maybe, just maybe, that boy would miraculously walk out of the room.



As per usual, Yoongi was just about to lock the music room and leave when he heard soft singing coming from the room beside. Curious, Yoongi wrapped his fingers around the knob and turned it slowly which was opened, to his surprise. Stepping in, his eyes landed on the back view of a slim boy. It was him. Yoongi took small steps towards the latter, blinking repeatedly, afraid that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

The said boy turned around abruptly, leaving a flustered Yoongi standing behind him awkwardly. Yet the latter smiled softly and tilted his head.

“It’s nice to be able to finally meet you, Yoongi.” He smiled widely. “I’m Taehyung by the way.”

Yoongi took quickly took out his notebook and scribbled. How did you know my name?

Taehyung chuckled. “Of course I had to find out more about the person who played my favourite song so beautifully.”

Then why did you suddenly disappear?

“To be honest, I was always here listening to you. I just wanted you to find your voice.”



And that was how Yoongi found his very own voice, Kim Taehyung.


This was kinda inspired by White Album 2. I hope you guys liked it.

oh and don't forget to check out: BTS - Just One Day (Piano)

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