The Walk




This is a self-discovery project.

Hi, my name is Heidi Kim.






This is something I'm doing for me: as a person, as a writer, as an avid reader, and as someone who loves to self-reflect. To be honest, I know something like this doesn't belong on this site, but the stories have nowhere else to go so I'm making the most use of what I'm privileged with.

I'm finally going to write about me.


this chapter's quite a downer but i've got a lot of downs in my life so... here's the honest truth.

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Chapter 3: I'm so glad! You made my day brighter, and I hope yours is going strong, too!

The accepting isn't the big part of becoming a better person, but forgiving yourself for mistakes that are bound to happen is. Without forgiving, you cannot accept, and vice versa. I don't know if I'm making any sense and I honestly don't know what your childhood experience must have felt like, but I hope you get it!

This era cannot get any better. Thank you for reminding me and everyone here in such an up-close and personal way to love others and love yourself. Kudos to you :3
satan_diana #2
Chapter 3: You're so strong. And I like the way you wrote. It was like we were talking face to face. :))
Chapter 3: It's great, in the end you can understand that all of your parents and your 'heart' sacrifices are for your own happiness too

And Heidi,
Thank you for being so strong :)
Chapter 3: Could you recommend literature books you enjoys reading?
Chapter 3: I didnt know that you got such a dark childhood. When I read this, I thought back about mine. How I got most of my parents' attentions because im the maknae, how my father always send me to school and pick me up later, how my parents always pay attention whenever I ramble about my day. And when i compared mine with yours, i realized "ahh. Not all people like my family". As i went through the story the only thought on my mind was how much i want to run to whenever you are and hug you tight, telling you that you're strong and i admire you. Really, dear. I adore you alot. Thanks for sharing your secret with us. Thank you so much.
Chapter 2: Have you read 'Flowers For Algernon'? It's my favourite book and I feel like it's something you would read or at least enjoy reading.
Chapter 2: oh my gosh, I don't usually read things like this but I'm really anticipating you to update this. your parents are really one of a kind! : D
Chapter 2: Lol your mother's personality is the same as mine XD minus the love to shoved peanut shell in the nose tho kkk
But you do hv interesting parents! ♥
Chapter 1: The quote is totally true!!! ♥
Chapter 2: loved it , didn't know you were 15 !! 1999? I woud LOVE to meet your family