Serendipity--'s 4,000 Unique Subscriber Giveaway!



Hello and welcome to serendipity--'s first ever giveaway!

This is giveaway was organized on March 2015 as a thank you present to all of my readers, my wonderful subscribers who have supported my writing and believed in my stories whenever I lost faith in myself! To learn how you can participate in this event, please browse through the first 4 chapters!




1. When does the giveaway end?

This giveaway is going to take a long, long time! To be specific, it will end when one of two things happen: 1) I have updated all of the uncompleted stories on my authored stories list (excluding drabbles), or 2) I have reached as many entries as I have unique subscribers. This is because I want to give all of my readers a chance to enter in the giveaway. EDIT (08/13/16): Effort-based giveaway is ending on August 15, 2016! Please read chapter 6 for more information. Random portion of the giveaway will continue to be ongoing!


2. How will the winners be chosen?

I will choose the winner for the EFFORT-BASED entries first. Then, all participants who do not get chosen for that category will automatically be entered into the RANDOM-SELECTION, where I will use a random number generator to pick the lucky winner.


3. Will my answers in the forms affect my chances of winning?

Nope! The forms are just a way for me to know what is going on in the reader's perspective of my stories. The only thing I will be recording to determine your chances of winning in the RANDOM-SELECTION form is your aff username.


4. I'm a new reader. Am I still allowed to join?

Of course! Even if you read a story of mine just yesterday or just this afternoon, you are more than welcome to join! Anyone who has read through any one of my fics is eligible to enter ^^


5. If I have a question, what do I do?

Please leave it in the comment section below! If you'd like to remain anonymous, you can send it to my or to my tumblr ask box. If I get the same question over and over again, I will update a FAQ. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, guys! This is a complicated giveaway to be honest so I completely understand ^^



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Chapter 8: Congrats to the winner! I wish I'd had the chance to participate more but life got in the way haha Glad to see this finished and find out you are off to college!
Chapter 6: kyungsoo tooted
nabnaab #3
Chapter 6: This GA is still going, isn't it? I've just found your stories several days ago, and I joined this right away after reading some of your amazing fics. I joined in effort-based one, so I'll show you my greatest effort! XD
Chapter 6: i've joined but not in the optional one lol fighting author-nim~
taeyeonnie_ssi #5
Chapter 4: I joined the contest kekekeke but honestly, i'm really clueless about all of this.... let's see what happens! fighting, author-nim! :---)
Chapter 2: you know, i filled out the first form and i feel like i've failed as your stalker. OTL
Chapter 6: Dbsk merchs!!!!!! :( its so hard to find good ones here since people around my age like exo,got7 & bts more :((
Chapter 5: Joined! Omg thank you so much for this giveaway you're so sweet author-nim *u*
Chapter 6: Oh my gosh! You're so cute! (Even if you are older than me. And your voice isn't deep~