Try to keep up: Try to Follow Me

2ne1: The outstanding list of accomplishments made by a record-breaking hit group

February 18, 2009

Written by - Teddy Park, 2NE1 

Produced by - Teddy Park, 2NE1 

Format - Digital Download 

Genre - Electropop, hip/hop, R&B, dancehall 

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Try To Follow Me

Much like its predecessor "Lollipop" this funky tune was created to promote a cellphone, Samsung's "Corby CF". But unlike the first time, the girls were on their own, and even more apparent to fans, they have proven they could carry their own weight. This single was a surprise since YG never announced its making, fans only became aware of its impending release when Samsung announced that the single was to be used for the promotion of their cellphone just hours before its unvieling. Despite this, the song was very well recieved and topped various music charts and even competed with Girl's Generation's own song "OH!"

Follow Me managed to hit number one Gaon's music chart for the weeks of February 7 to February 13, but it dropped in rank during the following weeks. However, it was still a success, its popularity being proven by the end of 2010 with over 1.770.000 downloads plus an additional 650.000 copies sold in 2011, for a total of over 2.400.000 digital copies sold.  

The song was so popular in fact that a music video was created for it despite plans to not make one, the girls even did their own choreography.

This song was heavily praised by American blogger Perez Hilton. 

Follow Me was one of the songs on their later album "To Anyone".


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we (blackjacks) are really the best when it comes to receipts lol
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Chapter 2: Woot Woot!!~~ proud Blackjack here!! ^^Hello Author-nim! ^^ I was happy because I found this and I already missed 2NE1 ;;u;;...I hope they'll release another mini album this year, and also I hope they'll attend MAMA because obviously 2014 is 2NE1's year^^...sorry for being bias~~kkk ^^v .. but.. Author-nim I just want to help you correct something... it's about Dara's short Introduction/facts it is written there "Pambansang, Krung-Krung ng Pilapinas" it should be written like this--> 'Pambansang Krung-krung ng Pilipinas' it is written without comma (,) and It's 'Philippines' not "Phillopines" and it should be 'Filipino' not "Phillipino".....anyways I'll look forward to your updates Author-niiiiim!~~ Fighting! ^^v
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Chapter 13: Authornim ,, i want thier awards in MAMA ,
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Chapter 11: Hey 2ne1's I am the best is n1 in digital world chart now
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