Sweat dripped down Shindong's furrowed brow. The day was Saturday and this week it was his only day off, so he'd decided to stay at home, relax and prepare himself for the next few weeks of hard work, fake smiles, late practices and virtually no sleep. Super Junior were currently in the midst of their long awaited comeback promotions after a lengthy hiatus. Shindong was definitely enjoying himself but after being out of the business for a couple of years he was also very tired. Their new choreography teacher from the US, Grace, had definitely not been thinking about their age when she'd put together their routine though he couldn't deny her obvious genius when he watched their staged back.

He'd gotten rusty, is what he told himself whenever he heard a joint pop after a particularly swaggy part of their choreography. Close your mouth and shut your tongue, he'd tell himself. So Shindong did exactly that. He'd grit his teeth and shut his tongue, biting his mouth closed. He ran through each and every stage during their first week on willpower alone. Which is why he'd been looking forward to having a rest today.

Until he'd seen them. Them being what should have been his dinner – nothing more and nothing less. They were there, lying on the plate, squashed together in a golden and steaming ball that was curved in all the right ways. They held together tight and firm, tempting Shindong to run his finger over their smooth skin just to see if they could withstand the pressure of his surprisingly feather light touch.

Shindong gently picked them up, cradling them in his palm for a few seconds and admiring their beauty before he unbuckled his belt and dipped his hands below the waistband of his thong. He rubbed, touched and soothed the hunger that had been building up, but only a few minutes passed before he sat down on the kitchen chairs, exhausted and spent. 

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