"So, you're a dancer?" Namjoon asked Jin in an amused voice, a small smile threatening to break out and destroy his carefully sculpted expression of genuine curiousity. 

"Actually, no - I'm more of an actor." The boy replied in a haughty voice that was laced with attitude but the deepening blush on his cheeks revealed his embarrassment at his obvious lack of both skill and experience. Namjoon loved the way Jin looked with a blush - he wanted to see more of it actually - which is what spurred him on to continue teasing the boy beside him even though they both knew he wasn't a dancer in the slightest.

"Really? You could’ve had me fooled there!" Namjoon exclaimed in mock suprise yet his eyes were sparkling with barely contained mirth.

"My dancing seemed to have done trick with you, though." Jin replied back in an equally teasing tone, though Namjoon could hear the unspoken challenge in those words loud and clear.

"Ooh~ it looks like pretty boy over here knows how to handle himself!" Namjoon chuckled, silently commending Jin for his quick wit but simultaneously wondering how the evening would pan out now that it was obvious Jin wasn't quite as delicate and reserved as he appeared to be. Namjoon was determined to find out.


Jin was exceptionally beautiful and that's what had drawn him to the boy in the beginning but Namjoon couldn't deny the fact that he was enjoying their conversation almost as much as he had enjoyed the . Almost.



Okay. So this is part of a writing challenge I'm doing with a friend. The full thing will be up in about a week and a half (at the latest) but I wanted to share what I have so far. I think it's going well and I'm having a lot of fun writing it but there will be . It'll most likely be ty but I'll try my best... Wish me luck guys...

I'm sorry everyone! I'm working on another fic atm that'll be on Thursday and after I'll update this!! I promise...


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