Power with in



Hi there can you tell me if u the new chapter 1 is easy read then the other chapter's please let me know :) 


This my first story I hope people  will like it



Soohyun : He is the school's soccer's captain he is not that popular he get into fights alot parents always fighting  will get the power of light 

Eli :He is popular and has alot of friends but no family he will get the power of lighting 

Aj: He is the school top  student very smart  lives on his own his parents work oversea he will get the power of fire 

Hoon : He is the school's  top basketball player gets into fight with soohyun alot he will get the power of wind 

Kiseop :  He is popular  is also the basketball's captain  come from a big family  he will get the power of ice 

Kevin : He is not so popular come from a small family gets pic on  love to sing he will get the power of water 

Jun : He is the little brother of kiseop  Has lots of friends love to play video games  he will get the power of earth


There will be more of the character's  background as the story  goes on i will up date tomorrow :)

hi sorry I'm not working on this story anymore I will come back with a better story :)
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