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opened 07.28.14
about summer's rain
i was literally bored and jobless. so, i check fanfics here and when i was checking out, a lots authors have such a good stories but lack in subscribers, commenters, and upvoters. that's why i'm open this shop! and it is for you! author out there. now, grab your chance.

and what so special about this shop? you may refer to the rules and no need to credit me if you don't want to :3 and I also want to recommend to you to check out this author stories, you won't know their writting talents and mind skills, well not until you checking out.

- Anonymous_1924
rules and guidelines
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002. upvote is an option but i will appericiate it if you do so :3

003. comment after you request and also when you see your story on this shop.

004. no payment, it's free since i only advertise your story/ roleplay/ applyfic/ shop here but i will subscribe and upvote your story and i might comment your story, don't worry.

005. as you can see I received anything. etc, stories || shops || roleplays || applyfic.

006. please put "i love rain" in anything else section :) happy requestin!

Info : They are 5 secret agents of mine will upvotes and subscribes you story :3 So, you don't have to regret at all for request here >.<
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request list
kittycatlovesmir | pretty stranger | done!
thecrownedraven | the best worst aim | done!
noreturn | tricking death | Done!
Exo-Kris13 | The Only One I Love | Done!
Ulzzangbunny | Wild card | Done!
taegyoelf | 17/1 | done!
iloveexoalot | i don't want your love | done!
Maxinoodles | fighting against fate | done!
Mia-lyssa | my life changes with a little help from a fortune cookie | done!
exofanforever101 | desi kimchi | done!
Kittycatlovesmir | himchan, herchan, yongchan | done!
Parkchae | things change | done!
parkchae | how can i service you? | done!
lovelybones98 | can't stop loving you | done!
itsmadness | moonlight - table for three | done!
jasmine96 | moon | done!
xingho | it's love that bring us together| done!
jennysoo | colorful ballons | done!
ellynerynna | fault | done!
aheartzu | A Nerd's Romance: Gangster edition | done!
hayong_98 | unlocking him | done!
jennysoo | A Morning in the Music Department Dorm | Done!
Kittycatlovesmir | y, naughty, one shot collection | done!
parkchae | my imperfections | Done!
jennysoo | turning back | done!


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